Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Masses : Gin & Brunch

A common question you often might get will be "where's a good place for Sunday Brunch?" Everyone knows The Masses for the affordable and quality food that they serve up, but Gin & Brunch is a new addition for their weekends that happens both on Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am - 4pm. That means whether you are an early bird or someone like me who snoozes till noon - brunch still applies!

As the name says it, you are not going to be missing out on any Gin at The Masses for brunch. Select from a couple of choices including Hendricks, Geranium, Botanist or even their very own infused House Gin. Prices are extremely wallet friendly, and they even have free flow that happens from 2 - 4pm, offering you all the different types of Gin you can find in a cart parked in the middle of their place for 90 minutes.

To start, the C&C&C Pasta, which basically refers to the pasta tossed with generous and fresh chunks of crabmeat, surrounded by juicy and plump clams and topped off with a load of caviar - making up the 3 C's. The pasta, served cold, comes in 2 different sizes. We recommend the bigger portion if you are going to share, or even if you are not - just because it is good enough and worth every calorie (and cent).

For the mains, The Masses re-invented a traditional classic - Chee Cheong Fan. Their version comes with pulled duck confit stuffed in silky smooth rice sheets, with picked cucumber on the side and an aroma of scallion oil that hits you with your first bite. It also comes with some sambal chilli on the side which was full of umami flavour.

To share, the Wild Mushroom Toasties with Truffle Scramble is a good choice. The humongous portion is served with a creamy goodness of assorted wild mushrooms, perfect fluffy truffle scrambled eggs sandwiched between a danish loaf that resembles croissant but isn't quite shaped like one. The Crab & Avocado Smash is also one not to miss, with different flavours and texture coming together from the sourdough bread, two variations of pear william (roasted and pickled), topped with runny poached egg and slight-citrusy blood orange hollandaise.

Gin & Brunch happens every Saturday and Sunday at The Masses, a place that has nice cosy and chill vibes. And while you're at it, don't forget to end your meal off with some freshly made Homemade Ricotta Hotcakes! We hear that tables run full (and yes, we experienced that when we were there), so it's best to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. And yes in case if you need reminder again - the free flow Gin happens between 2 - 4pm. Go ahead, make your reservation, you can thank me later.

The Masses
85 Beach Road
Singapore 189694
+65 6266 0061

This was an invited media tasting.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Myo Restobar

New kid on the block Myo Restrobar wants to introduce Kia Hiang's recipe of traditional Cantonese cuisine. With a contemporary and modern ambience smacked right in the middle of Singapore's CBD, the last you would expect is a place that serves up some authentic home-cooked Cantonese dishes that might bring back a bit of nostalgia. Myo Restrobar is an affiliate of Kia Hiang Group of Restaurants.

A star dish that you have to order where you are at Myo is the Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken. Served piping and bubbling hot, the spring chicken is extremely tender and soaks up every bit of the savoury, tasty sauce. It has been slow-cooked for a couple of hours under low-heat to ensure that every bit of goodness of chicken and stock is retained.

We also tried the Good Fortune Prawns in Wasabi Sauce and Prawns in Butter & Salted Egg Yolk Sauce. They were good, but nothing much to shout about as the prawns weren't exactly huge in size for the price tag that you'll be expecting to pay. The wasabi sauce was also a little too clumpy for our liking as well.

If you like your dim sum, they offer quite a selection at Myo. Something unique that you don't often get will be the Flaky Angus Beef Pastry that's filled with premium beef with a slight peppery kick and a golden-brown crumbly pastry on the exterior. There's also the Gold Foil Dumplings filled with Assorted Mushrooms if you are all for the gram, and just because everything gold aesthetically looks better. Taste wise however, it was quite forgettable.

The Young Coconut Stewed with Peach Gum and Egg White dessert is something not to be missed. It has to be ordered at the start of your meal as it requires at least 30 minutes to prep. Think warm and super silky soft egg custard in a fresh coconut husk - the perfect way to end a meal, if you ask me.

While there are some hits and misses on the menu, some of the signature items originally from Kia Hiang such as the Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken did indeed live up to its tradition and name. The rest as we would put it - felt a bit like tze char dishes with a slightly heavier price tag, and with very inconvenient parking. Nevertheless, it is a place to go to if you want to experience authentic Cantonese food in a modern setting, or maybe if you want to go for a slightly fancier meal to impress your in-laws.

Myo Restrobar
Oxley Tower (Lobby 1), #19-01
138 Robinson Road
Singapore 068906
+65 6931 1247 

This was an invited media tasting.