Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eater Palace

A few weeks back, the folks from Eater Palace sent me a few boxes of their signature yam mooncakes. Whoever said mooncakes have to be baked to taste good, or have to be in the perfect textured snowskin chilled to perfection? Eater Palace does theirs a different way - fried.

If you must wonder what lies underneath that deceiving looking ball, which is as flaky and crispy as it actually looks, what you are getting will be pure creamy yam, either plain, accompanied with yolk if you like it a bit savory or pumpkin for that extra natural tinge of sweetness. 

There's one thing i particularly like about these golden puffs - that they are not as sweet as i imagined them to be. And alongside the golden packaging, which is actually the box, you see the "no preservative" words, which will also means a thumbs up with the more health conscious people. 

They comes in boxes of one, two or four. I personally think four looks the most presentable if you're going to bring it for a gathering, but if you are out to just enjoy them yourself without feeling the guilt then you have the option of purchasing less. 

If you are still skeptical about how they actually taste like, Eater Palace has a booth at most mooncake fairs happening so you can always pop by and try them with no obligations. And if you happen to be my follower or reader, you get 10% off any purchase at their booths located at Junction 8, Bugis Junction, J Cube, Ion or Tampines Mall just by quoting "Nichology". There's really no excuse to not get your 10% since the malls are spread out island-wide from now till 30 September. Forget the calories, Mid Autumn Festival only happens once a year. 

This was an invited media tasting.

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