Monday, October 1, 2012


As a guy, it is supposedly uncommon for people to leave comments about my complexion. However, that is what I get that all the time. Of course, my skin isn't superb, but I reckon that it's definitely a lot better than a lot of other guys my age.

The thing about living in Singapore is that we have unpredictable weather - sometimes it feels as if we are just a few meters away from the sun, while other times we feel as if we are a thousand kilometers under the sea. With these kind of climatic conditions, a mere 30 meter stroll to the bus stop may use up an entire packet of tissue! This explains why achieving flawless skin is almost impossible. Furthermore, I doubt it helps if you're a guy as the majority of the male species do not go the extra mile to look good.

I live by this theory - there are no ugly people, only lazy ones.

It really does not cost an arm or a leg to get facial care steps properly done - I'm usually done within fifteen minutes. Additionally, it does not cost a bomb either. Most products I use (although given to me by the respective companies) do not come with mind-blowing price tags attached to them. This post is not a sponsored post.

The first step after cleansing is the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion. If SK-II has miracle water, then this is miracle lotion. Despite the long name, which actually sounds as if it contains of a bunch of chemicals, this water-like lotion is scent free and gentle on your skin. It has a texture that feels a little thicker than water, but once applied on your face, it gets absorbed in seconds.

The next product is something I swear by, costly but super effective - SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. There really isn't a need to introduce anything from SK-II, it's a self-marketable product in my opinion. Recently, I have switched to using their men's range and it still works fine. SK-II Men however, gives me an impression that there is less pitera used, because it does not give off such a strong smell and instead, gives off a menthol feel. Although some people do not like the smell, I feel that it's definitely something one can tolerate in exchange for good skin.

Next up, the following are products I have been using for a month or so now: See The Difference - Day Cream and Night Cream from Rachel K. If you do not know by now, Rachel K (which also means Rachel Kum), was Miss Singapore Universe 2009. She recently co-founded Rachel K Cosmetics, which carries an amazing and wide range of facial products. Both creams mentioned have a citrus smell and leaves your skin moisturized with a tint of shine. The best thing about these creams? The after-smell makes you feel as if you already have better skin just by smelling it. Would you buy products endorsed by your favorite celebrity? Maybe. From a beauty queen? Yes.

You must be thinking, how does all those products help defend against the harmful rays from the Sun? Well, sunblock plays an essential part in my facial routine. With my face exposed to the Sun almost all the time, SPF 30 isn't enough. Thus, I use the Hada Labo UV Moist Emulsion with SPF50+. It is vital because this sunblock naturally blocks out all the rays that can potentially harm your skin in a long run. What I especially adore about this sunblock is that it has a milk-based texture and is super absorbent, leaving your skin matte. On the other hand, some sunblocks leave a trace of shine which may result in you looking oily. If looking oily isn't enough, some actually do leave oiliness behind, which could potentially result to occasional outbreaks.

Lastly, the most important thing that I really cannot live without - the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX. I can literally go on and on about how much I love this product, which is applied before bedtime. In addition to my love of this product, this product has also won the hearts of many others, having been feature on many beauty magazines and having won many awards. Basically, it is a thick gel-looking cream that I leave on throughout the night. It may leave a hint of stickiness on your face but it's not going to give you an outbreak, so don't worry. When you wash it off next morning, you get the most supple, soft, and bright skin you can ever ask for. Even with six hours of sleep or less, this works like a miracle. No one will be able to know how many hours you slept for! Note : This do not get rid of dark eye rings. 

I couldn't figure out the prices for all the products, but apart from the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the rest of the products shouldn't be very costly. And for your information, i use them in this order :

Day : Cleanser + Hydrating Lotion + Facial Treatment Essence + Day Cream + Sunblock

Night : Cleanser + Hydrating Lotion + Facial Treatment Essence + Night Cream + Sleeping Pack

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