Sunday, October 28, 2012

Loysel's Toy

Tucked all the way at the end of Kampong Bugis, just beside Kallang River, you'll find Loysel's Toy. I figured you will pretty much need to have your own transport (or take a cab) if you are thinking of dropping by because the walk in from the main road seems to be a bit long, and it does not help with Singapore's humid weather.

With very little seating capacity in the inside, we had no choice but to find a seat outside. I must say however, i am very glad they have enough (powerful) fans to keep you away from the heat, which was a plus point since no one wants to be sweating while having a cup of good coffee, or a meal.

Having hot coffee on a warm day didn't seem like a perfect idea for me so i went for the Ice Mocha, which i really liked. It was not too sweet, the coffee was aromatic and had the right consistency despite it being served with ice. You know, some places serve you diluted coffee when you ask for ice coffee. The hot Latte, served with a cookie by the side, was also good. I am quite assured that they serve good coffee here.

The Big L's Breakfast serves ciabatta bread, sausages, bacon, poached or scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and fresh greens. There was nothing much to complain about this, except that the poached eggs were overcooked. I suspect they put their eggs into cling wraps before poaching it, hence the very nice round shape, which could also be the cause of it being overcooked. I wanted to try their pancakes as well, but was told that they only serve pancakes on weekends.

Thankfully, the French Apple Cake made up for it. With chunks of apples in the moist cake, it definitely complimented the coffee and ended the meal off on the correct note.

I'm not sure about the food at Loysel's Toy (or it could just be that they don't poach eggs well), but i am certain i'll be back for the coffee. After all, i am sure they are called "The Coffee Crafters" for a reason.

Loysel's Toy
66 Kampong Bugis, #01-02
Singapore 338987
+65 6292 2306

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