Saturday, November 10, 2012

Accessorize : Men

"The difference between style and fashion is quality." - Giorgio Armani

I personally love matching accessories with outfits because i always believe you can look slightly different (and better) from what are wearing with the right choices. You see, the thing about guys is that unless you are super metrosexual, or cool about being judged by others, you should not over accessorize yourself.

If you follow me closely on Instagram, you will know i have a soft spot for bracelets. Each time i go shopping and see one that i like and fits me, i'll always dive right into it. It sounds gay but yes, guys these days tend to be more conscious than girls about their image. 

One of the simplest bracelets i own is the Louis Vuitton Keep It Bracelet. I like how this bracelet matches with almost everything, whether you are dressed down in bermudas, jeans or chinos. It comes in the Damier Graphite (grey) and Damier Azur (white) as well. The bracelet is slim and the gold lock (that has "Louis Vuitton" engraved on each side) matches the brown canvas of the Damier Ebene and does not come off as loud and attentions seeking.

Because accessories should be understated but stylish at the same time, one of my favorite has to be the Hermes Behapi Double Tour Bracelet. I do not love it because it's from Hermes, which is presumingly one of the best fashion houses, but because it's understated and subtle, unlike the other bracelets they have (which mostly are either loud, or bear a huge "H" logo on it). And yes, it comes reversible, which also means you get two bracelets for the price of one. However, they come in different colors for time to time, and Hermes is best known for selling things fast, so your best bet will have to be leaving your name with a store near you. 

Black and gold can never go wrong, even on a guy. Another one that matches well with casual outfits is the Fendi Selleria Bracelet. On days i cannot decide what to wear, i'll just go for this - because black is easy to match. The simple design on it, which is just a gold metal piece sewn on the middle does not make it look overly pretentious as well. They come in many different colors as well such as blue, red, pink and even purple. 

If the prints from Louis Vuitton do not impress you, the Louis Vuitton Stamp It Bracelet does the trick - a full leather bracelet with the words "Louis Vuitton Paris" stamped on it. I like how it is adjustable, and that the bracelet is fully leather (except the buckle). Again, it matches with almost everything, and because the words are stamped on it, it does scream Louis Vuitton in your face. The bracelet comes in black and a lighter tone of brown as well.

When you need something with that edge for a more polished look, the Yves Saint Laurent Y Bracelet more or less settles it. Again, black and gold cannot go wrong. Also, the Y logo, which ultimately represents the brand, blends into the bracelet nicely causing a linkage between the leather. It is meant to be a women's bracelet but i guess with the right clothes and look, a guy can pull this off just as well. 

The Bottega Veneta Plaited Knot Bracelet, which is probably already quite common given it is a classic piece from the brand, is something i think every guy should own. Simple, classy and chic - all in one. Apart from being fully woven in leather, it also has a metal piece attached in the side that has the brand name on it. Of course, because people who know brands can easily spot a BV, there really isn't a need to show off. After all, people who know matter and people who don't do not. 

Of course, if you are feeling over the top or fun for the day, you can also mix and match. Which is also the reason why most of my bracelets are either black or brown - they match easily. I have quite a small wrist so most of them are small in size, which also means any other girl with an average sized wrist would be able to fit into them. 

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  1. nic dahling since u hv so many and i can nv afford, can u gift me 1. i prefer the one with LV screaming at my face.