Thursday, November 22, 2012


We decided to drive from Melbourne to Bendigo, which is about two hours drive from Melbourne. Along the way you see kangaroos on the road, horses, as well as huge houses and vineyards.

The city centre was pretty quiet for a Saturday afternoon, and the shops were not at all interesting in my opinion. Life there is pretty slow paced as compared to Melbourne.

We ended up at Lake Weerona and having lunch at The Broadwalk Bendigo. The food there was really good. The Beef Ragout had chunks of tender beef, carrots, celery and mash at the bottom, finished off with shaved parmesan. And yes, with the weather at 14 degrees, nothing like a hot meal like that could have been better. 

I also had the best slice of Lemon Tart in my life. I was comtemplating which dessert to order and the waiter recommended it. It was mind blowing out of the world. The crust was perfect, and the tart was not overly sour. I would go back for it if it wasn't a two hours drive from Melbourne just to get there.

Took a walk around the lake after lunch and spotted ducks and parrots roaming around. This is a sight you would never be able to get in Singapore. Ducks and ducklings waddling around you, and parrots on the trees - felt like paradise. 

We also stopped by Sacred Heart Cathedral, which looks like a castle you would find in Scotland. Bendigo isn't as interesting as Melbourne, but a two hours drive for a getaway that feels totally different isn't exactly a bad idea. 

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