Monday, December 31, 2012

Rounding Up 2012

You know it's time for the New Year when Christmas is officially over. 2012 has been a blast and in a blink of an eye, it has flashed by - just like that. And yes, in case you remember the rumors going on about 21 December 2012 (something about the world ending), you'll be happy to know we've "survived it".

2012 has been meaningful with the right people in my life, which includes family and friends. I also jumped from using Twitter to blogging, which I've never regretted, even though I do tweet less these days.

Unfortunately or fortunately (because I didn't lose my life) I met with an accident while on a trip to Bintan, and injured my left arm. I am recovering now and the scars are slowly fading. I don't need cosmetic surgery for now but people who are interested in working with me (or in this case, on me) can drop me an email.

A big thank you to my sponsors who I've been working with ever since I started blogging, this includes Hada Labo, Shunji Matsuo @ 313 and a few other travel sponsors. I am stoked to be working with a few bigger names in 2013 (which i shall not name for now).

A huge shout out to my manager at ChurpChurp who has been doing so much for me in 2012, and I am very proud to be part of their big community influencing others via social media. If you haven't joined them, you really should.

And to all the restaurants and food places who have sent me invites to review your food, I apologize I haven't been able to take time to reply each and everyone, but thank you for sending the invitations, nevertheless. I definitely will need to start working out at the gym at the rate I am eating. Also, I have added a side bar with the names of restaurants/food places I have reviewed in alphabetical order for convenience.

Happy New Year and I am sure 2013 will be more than just a blast for everyone.


  1. happy new year *give nic a kisss on the mouth*

  2. i hv type few comments, dunno it was lost or u holding and not approve them :(

  3. i was sitting on the corridor with my legs hanging on the drain to watch firworks and small mosquito (green color) biting my legs. how do u celebrate ur nye?