Friday, December 7, 2012

Verve Pizza

I don't understand why people settle for commercialized pizzas when you can easily get something better for almost the same price. At Verve Pizza, each pizza is freshly made with the freshest ingredients, just so it does not taste like those you get delivered to you just by picking up the phone and dialing a few numbers.

With a few different choices of toppings, all served on a handmade thin crust, you literally will feel like you want a piece of everything. They serve pizzas in different sizes, as well as by slices. You can also opt for two different flavors in one pizza, which i highly recommend so you get to try more.

The open concept pizza bar also allows you to view the process of how their pizzas are being made - just to clear your doubts about its freshness. I especially like how they do not stinge on their ingredients, which is exactly how good pizza should be. No one wants more dough than cheese and topping.

The Enzo, Asian style pecking duck on hoisin sauce topped with cucumber and spring onion came off really well and was my favorite of the lot. The shredded peking duck was tender and the fresh greens (cucumber slices and spring onion) on the pizza added that extra texture when you take your first bite into this pizza with an Asian twist.

The Capriciossa was a bit soggy for my liking, probably due to the tomato base. However, the mushrooms, ham, artichoke and cheese combined and fused together quite well. I like my pizza crispy, so it wasn't my favorite of the lot.

When you think pizza, you think Pepperoni Santino, traditional and yet always likable. Really, as much as pepperoni pizza is idiot proof to make, i feel that the thickness of the sliced pepperoni, as well as the cheese plays a huge role in the whole taste of the pizza. I certainly wasn't disappointed with this, especially with the generous heaps of pepperoni.

The Corleone is something i highly recommend as well. Tomato based, topped with parma ham, freshly shaved parmesan and wild rocket leaves. The only downside is that it can be messy eating this given the rocket leaves fall off the pizza easily. However, you will feel the mess and getting your fingers dirty is something you wouldn't mind after sinking your teeth into a slice of this.

Verve Pizza Bar is located at Clarke Quay, and opens till late. Which also means you can actually get your pizza fix even at the odd hours of the night. Now, i don't think i need to remember the hotline to order commercialized pizzas anymore.

Verve Pizza
3D River Valley Road
#01-10, Shophouse Row
Singapore 179023
+65 6776 0665

This was an invited media tasting.

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