Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Park Society Bangkok

Park Society - a rooftop restaurant and bar on the 29th floor of Sofitel So, where fine gastronomy meets spectacular views. Overlooking the city lights of Bangkok's CBD is the view diners can expect to enjoy while dining at Park Society.

With limited seating capacity in the restaurant, it is suggested to make a reservation beforehand if you want a unobstructed view throughout your meal. The menu features straightforward French cuisine, so don't expect anything Thai to be on the menu even though you are in Bangkok.

The Pan Seared Scallop with Smoked Sausage as a starter was off to a little bumpy start. The scallop was seared well with a bit of crisp on the top, but the smoked sausage was a tad too salty. Even my partner took a piece of it and decided not to continue with the second.

The Foie Gras with Green Lentil on the other hand was passable. After all, it is French cuisine they are offering and French cuisine isn't French if foie gras isn't done right. I have to admit the portion was generous, and that the cherry puree did compliment the foie gras. But there was something that i couldn't figure out - the yoghurt ice cream.

Feeling unsatisfied that the first entree didn't turn out perfect, we decided to try the Tuna 2 Ways - O'toro and Tataki. The O'toro (tuna belly), which is sashimi like was mediocre and the Tataki (seared) was too dry for my liking.

Finally something to rave about - Truffle Egg. I love truffle in my food, so you can imagine my expression when the waiter placed this dish on the table - one sniff and the aroma of truffle hits you. The poached egg had a runny yolk and the mushrooms and asparagus came off very well with the whole dish. The truffle foam was intensely seasoned with truffle oil to the extent every mouthful was "truffle-licious". Although truffle is meant to be a strong flavor, i thought this was served perfect since there was a need to cleanse the palette before the mains.

I opted for the Wagyu Tenderloin, while my partner had the Snow Fish. The doneness of the wagyu was done medium (the way most French restaurants do it) and the potato gratin accompanying it wasn't too bad as well. The only thing was the grilled mushroom which i think needed more seasoning.

The Snow Fish, which came with a prawn and crab ravioli was a bit tasteless despite being drizzled with lobster bisque. The seafood on the plate was however very fresh, and were cooked perfectly.

Dessert was Chocolate Oblivion - passion fruit ice cream and fresh berries and hazelnut marquise. I found the passion fruit ice cream to be refreshingly sour but the marquise a bit too dry.

Feeling unsatisfied (once again), i tried the Creme Brulee, which unfortunately fell below par as well. It was served cold and had a thick layer of burnt sugar on the top. I jokingly told the waiter it was cold and he told me the chef wanted to do things a bit differently.

While desserts didn't quite make the mark at Park Society, i have to admit the view is pretty breathtaking. Also, service was extremely good in that sense the waiters bother to ask you how your food was after every dish. While prices are a bit on the high side and that there is also a dress code, i reckon you should try everything at least once in your life.

Park Society
Sofitel So Bangkok
2 North Sathorn Road
Bangrak, Bangkok
10500 Bangkok
+66 02 624 0000

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chocolab Bangkok

A place for true chocoholics when you are in Bangkok, Chocolab is located at Sofitel So Bangkok and it is truly chocolate heaven for people who cannot resist chocolates. Even before you step in, you are already greeted by the smell of cocoa.

With a range of chocolates, desserts, cakes and drinks to choose from on the menu, there is no chance you won't feel satisfied leaving Chocolab. You name it, and they are bound to have it. Whether it is white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, they have it all.

Who can resist a spread of endorphin-fuelled delights for you to pick from. My favorite were the ones with cranberries, the almond with white chocolate, as well as the green tea. The most unique in my opinion was the one in red, which is actually chili (but wasn't spicy).

When i was recommended the Choc Burger, i was apprehensive. How do you make a chocolate burger, i was thinking. I was expecting literally a burger coated in chocolate, or chocolate shaped in a burger. Instead, it was 3 layers of chocolate goodness stacked - brioche toast, lava cake and ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce. The brioche toast was chewy and the lava cake had an overload of dark chocolate oozing out when i sank my knife into it. This should be renamed "chocolate overload" in my opinion.

I succumbed to temptation after the Choc Burger and went for the White So' Berry Cake. White chocolate is my favorite so this cake immediately got a thumbs up. With layers of light chocolate sponge cake and raspberry puree that was tangy yet not overly sweet - there was nothing to fault with this cake.

If cakes and desserts isn't your thing, you'll be glad to know Chocolab has a menu of (chocolate) drinks to choose from. The Hot Chocolate Vienna was a tad too bitter for my liking, probably because of the pure cocoa beans used, but for chocolate lovers, you are bound to enjoy a cup of it.

So next time you are in Bangkok, you know where to go for that sweet indulgence. It's not all about going shopping or exploring, sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee (or chocolate in this case) and a quiet afternoon surrounded by the aroma of cocoa.

Sofitel So Bangkok
2 North Sathorn Road
Bangrak, Bangkok
10500 Bangkok
+66 02 624 0000

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Monday, January 21, 2013


Everyone loves surprises and i am no exception. Introducing Bellabox for Men - Bellobox. I already love how masculine the name sounds. If you are new to Bellabox, it is a box full of surprises. Basically all you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee and you get a different box of items every month for you to try out! How amazing is that? This way you won't have to waste money buying full sized products not knowing whether it works for you or not. Plus, the people at Bellabox/Bellobox pick out the best items for you to try, so you won't have to wrack your brains about which product is better.

Unlike the Bellabox that comes in pink, the Bellobox is in dark blue. As usual, the packaging never fails to impress - clean cut and classy. Unlike the Bellabox, the Bellobox retails for SGD 39.95. Do not get alarmed by the pricing (guys stuff are usually slightly more expensive than girls), because the products in the Bellobox are completely different (i would use the word "better" but i don't want to be labelled a sexist).

Kiehl's products can be quite pricey so imagine my reaction when i saw not one, but three of their products in the Bellobox. Speaking of generosity, i really like how the whole set is being packed with planning - there is cleanser, toner and cream. Which also means if you are not a Kiehl's fan (yet), you can try it all out without having to pay a hefty price.

Also in the Bellobox is the Aveda shampoo and conditioner, L'Oreal facial scrub and the Billy Jealousy shave cream. Really, all a man would ever need. There's shampoo, conditioner, facial foam, facial scrub, toner, shave cream and then face cream - all in just one box. Speaking of which, i also really like how the items are in small sizes, which make them good for traveling, or going to the gym because bringing a whole bottle of shampoo will make you look like an idiot in the changing room.

And if you were wondering where is the last step of the beauty regime for men - the scent, you'll be glad to know the Bellobox also includes the Montblanc Legend EDT, also a good size for you to bring around. On top of that, the Bellobox comes with a gift voucher, just in case you don't like anything in the box, which is unlikely to be possible.

For the price you pay, Bellobox is pretty much worth every single cent. Now excuse me while i go figure out which stuff to place in my gym bag and which to try out tonight. You can order your Bellobox at

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Chikusen Japanese Restaurant

Japanese food is always ranked at the top on my list of favorite cuisines. I am not fussy - the sashimi cut should be right, the sushi rice should be correctly done with the right amount of rice vinegar, and the tempura batter should be light and crispy. Really, i don't think that is too much to ask for.

Katong is a place well known for their endless selection of eateries. You can find almost every cuisine there from Chinese to Western, Thai, Vietnamese, and needless to say, Japanese. Chikusen Japanese Restaurant is a new kid on the block, or in this case, row. Headed by Executive Chef Ben Teo, who has been practicing the skill of Japanese Cuisine for years, he however, isn't exactly a "new kid on the block" when culinary skills are concerned.

At Chikusen, look out for the board at the sushi counter for seasonal items. The Sujiko (salmon fish roe), which happened be in season was extremely fresh. Some places do not serve it as fresh hence the fishy smell. And yes, everyone loves this because each time you put a spoon full of it into your mouth it will burst with so much goodness.

As unappealing as it looks, the Kaki Ponzu (oyster with spring onion and fish roe) shouldn't be judged by how it looks. The Japanese oyster with plump, fresh and together with the finely chopped spring onion and vinegar sauce, there's no reason to not slurp it all down at one go.

The Kawa Hagi (dried leather jacket) and Fugu Mirin (air dried pufferfish) wasn't ordinary, but tasted ordinary. The Kawa Hagi was biscuit like but was a little addictive, while the Fugu Mirin had a barbecue pork like texture. I think this is worth a miss since you should keep stomach space for better stuff on the menu.

Opt for Omakase if you eat it all. Stocks come in almost everyday so rest assured the sashimi is fresh at Chikusen. While the Sake (salmon belly), which is normally my favorite, didn't quite make the mark, the Hotate (scallop) did. Also, the lightly salted and torched Tai (sea bream) was also very good.

One of my favorite picks was the Gindara (cod) with Miso Sauce topped with Sakura Ebi. There was a bit of mayo on the fish which gave it a creamy texture. The fish was grilled and the prawns on it complimented all the flavors all together.

Another to rave about is the Beef with Foie Gras Sauce. I was initially rather turned off by the heap loads of oil from the sauce, but it was explained that the oil naturally came from the foie gras. We all know foie gras is oily (but yummy) so i decided to put away the thinking of it being potentially hazardous to my health and dived in. The sauce was rich and thick, and the thinly sliced beef had a medium center - each slice was worth every calorie.

One shouldn't leave a Japanese restaurant without trying their sushi. We opted for the Chikusen Special Maki which had crabmeat, topped with white fish and mentaiko sauce, as well as the Special Maki that consisted of sea eel, fish roe and special wasabi sauce. Both were not a letdown and i highly recommend them. Thing is, they come in a row of eight pieces so i highly recommend this to be shared.

Chikusen is a new kid on the block, but with the skills from their chef, it won't be long before it gets recognition for the food they serve. Skip the starters if you are hungry and dive right into the Gindara, Beef and Maki if i were you. Parking is also available behind the restaurant in case you were wondering.

Chikusen Japanese Restaurant
309/311 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437094
+65 6348 1966

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blue Elephant Restaurant Bangkok

Blue Elephant is a big name not only in Bangkok, but also around the world. With 11 restaurants around the world, it is no wonder Blue Elephant is not just a restaurant, but also a cooking school, and a name with their own grocery line.

Like i mentioned earlier, Blue Elephant has their own range of grocery line, which includes pre-mixs for people, so you can get authentic Thai food at home without having to go through the hassle to cook a good meal. This includes the popular dishes of the Thai cuisine like Thai Basil Stir-fry Paste, Tom Yam and Green Curry. They also have their own Blue Elephant Cookbook, with full recipes of their popular dishes.

The brains and hard work behind the culinary empire, Blue Elephant - Mrs Noor Somany Steppe. She has travelled around the world as a Celebrity Chef to promote Thai cuisine on the world stage and have been awarded several awards for her success. A chef by profession, she still cooks (and teaches sometimes), and she spends the rest of her time traveling the world for inspiration because she feels the need to keep changing, which also explains her menu, which i was honestly very impressed with.

At Blue Elephant, there is a menu, and in that menu, you find 3 different menus. The menus are labelled - Thai Cooking of the Past, Thai Cuisine of Today and Thai Kitchen of Tomorrow.  One look and you will know what those refer to, the past refers to traditional dishes, today represents the modern day dishes and tomorrow are dishes that are a fusion of Thai cuisine.

From Thai Cooking from the Past, we started off with the Rice Field Catfish and Prawns Salad. It was one of my favorite dishes. My partner disagreed and found it a bit too oily but i thought it was perfectly fine since you really cannot expect anything deep fried to be "oil-less". The whole dish was full of texture from the crispy fried minced cat fish, shallots, lemongrass, chili and ginger. 

We also tried the Massaman Lamb Curry, which was served in a claypot (they serve using claypots in the past). The curry wasn't as spicy as i expected to be, and i liked it very much. The lamb was cooked till it was extremely tender and there were chunks of potato inside it as well. 

For Thai Cuisine of Today, we had Tom Yam Koong because it is always a staple at Thai restaurants. However, this one fell a bit short. It was very spicy so i could not exactly get the sourness, and the prawns were overcooked. Also, it wasn't as flavorful as i expected it to be. 

The Black Chicken Green Curry however, made up for it. I love green curry because it is probably the least spicy of all curry. The bits of black chicken meat in it soaked up all the goodness of the curry and wasn't overcooked so it was still tender. Served with crispy roti bread (which is some sort of like prata), i found myself soaking it in the delicious thick green curry as if it i was addicted. 

Leaving one of the best for last was the Crab Curry with Betel Leaves. My partner and i attacked this dish because it was fantastically good. In fact, i don't think my photo does any justice to this dish. There was a massive load of fresh wholesome crab meat in the pot of yellow curry. And because the curry was so good, i ended up asking for an extra serving of rice.

Thai Kitchen of Tomorrow serves up fusion dishes, or rather more modern dishes. The Foie Gras Tamarind Sauce was extremely delectable because nothing can possibly go wrong with foie gras seared perfectly. My partner found the sauce a bit too tangy for the liking but i still gave this the thumbs up given i am quite a sucker for foie gras done right. 

The Spicy Prawn Salad with Herbs and Avocado however, didn't quite make the mark. The prawns were slightly overcooked but the serving of avocado was quite a lot and the salad dressing was refreshingly sour, but yet a bit sweet. If the prawns were done perfectly, this dish would also have been one of my favorites. 

To make things easier, there is a separate menu for dessert. Just like most meals, i am always most excited for dessert. The Chestnut Jasmine Cake is a traditional Thai dessert. It was moist and topped off with fried shallots, which gave it a bit of a savory taste. It was a bit like dessert, but not dessert. 

My favorite among the desserts was the Ginger Creme Brulee topped with fresh ginger boiled with palm sugar. It was very light despite it was ginger (we tend to associate ginger to hot and strong) and it had bits of fresh coconut flesh in it, that gave it that x-factor. 

Out of the ordinary was the Durian Cheesecake served with vanilla ice cream. It was unique, but i kind of prefer my cheesecake plain or with blueberry. Still, thumbs up for innovation. And if you were to ask me, it felt like the Chestnut Jasmine cake came from the past, the Ginger Creme Brulee from today and the Durian Cheesecake from tomorrow. 

So the next time you are in Bangkok, you know where you need to go, whether you need to pick up Thai food condiments, go for a Thai cooking class, or to experience Thai food from the past, today and tomorrow. One stop for all, Blue Elephant is a must visit in Bangkok, or in this case, all over the world. 

Blue Elephant Restaurant Bangkok
233 Sathorn Road
Yannawa, Sathorn
Bangkok 10120
+66 2 673 9353 8

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

AbsTrim Men : Robotrim 3 in 1 & Fatburst

It is difficult being a food blogger. No, not because you get tons of invites to eat "free food", but because as a human being, half of the time you are eating. And as a food blogger, most of the time you are.

How many of us need motivation to go to the gym - at least 8 out of 10 of us. And with so much good food tucked at each corner of this small city, it really does not add to any motivation. The only thing that is constantly exercising - my jaw.

Being part of the Bioskin family, AbsTrim Men is the newest addition to help people (like me) who either cannot be bothered to exercise (although i think i fall into the category of "no time" instead), or for people with stubborn fat areas.

With AbsTrim Men's newest Robotrim 3 in 1 & Fatburst, you can be assured that stubborn fats that are there to stay will need to move and relocate. This new technology is the solution for slimming and body contouring. In short, it allows stubborn fats to be broken down and drain off efficiently, achieving visible results just after one treatment (yes, i am not kidding).

Before you start any treatment, a consultant goes through the process with you thoroughly, just so you know what you will be going through, and what is going to be done to you. Of course, most of the time all we want to know is how much weight or inches we are going to lose from the treatment. Different body types are suitable for different treatments, and you will be advised accordingly by the consultants which treatment best suits you, so don't be in a hurry to choose.

Just when you think this is a weighing machine, you are absolutely wrong. This machine allows the consultant to measure your body fats. Going on this machine is worst than going on a weighing machine in my opinion. A weighing machine weighs you, but this machine informs you how fat you are, and at what specific areas of your body. It's a bit like me versus technology - i would rather live in denial and not know how fat i am.

After taking your measurements, and another round of evaluation, then comes the most exciting part - the part you say goodbye to your unwanted fats. AbsTrim Men provides lockers so that you can keep your belongings safely without worrying.

You'll be leaded into the treatment suite. What i really liked about this bed is that it isn't just a bed, but an electric bed. This means you won't have to worry about feeling cold because the bed has a warmer that constantly heats the bed while you are at your treatment.

In order to compare before and after, measurements are also taken before treatment, just so you can compare the results. Each treatment assures you results (1cm - 3cm) depending on your body type and reaction.

The first step of the treatment uses mechanical pressure waves to eliminate stubborn fats. As painful as is actually sounds, it isn't. Cream is applied on your body before treatment to allow the process to work better.

The second part of the treatment uses advanced radio frequency therapy which heats the dermis and subcutaneous tissues in controlled manner without inflicting any damage to the epidermis. Working in conjunction with the two other technologies. The Low Level Laser stimulates the fat cells and releases the intracellular fat, thus reducing fats effectively. The other technology, Endo Therapy, uses the action of vacuum to increase skin metabolism to effectively break down fats and reduce cellulites. And yes, with three different technologies used, it is no wonder it is 3 in 1!

I'll be honest and tell you the vacuum was a bit ticklish at the beginning but a few minutes into treatment and i got used to it. Also while you are at it, heat (from the bed, as well as the treatment) makes it comfortable enough for you to go into deep sleep.

The last part to the whole process was Vibroshape. Basically it's painless (and also effortless) because all you have to do is stand on it and let it "shake the fats" you.

The results from my first treatment - 2cm off my waist and stomach. I shall not go into numeric details just so i can keep my weight a secret, but yes 2cm is almost an inch - all that in only one treatment. If your 2013 resolution is to lose some weight, or get some abs, you should start quick. AbsTrim Men is also having a promotion right now on Groupon which offers 5 Tummy Trims at SGD 68 and 10 Tummy Trims at SGD 128, which will make a perfect gift (or hint) to your boyfriend or husband with a bulging tummy. After all, there's really no harm trying to look better.

AbsTrim Men
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central, #04-54
Singapore 059817
+65 6887 0606

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