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How far would you go for food? MUSEO is a restaurant and barroom located at Quayside Isle, a new hip hang out place among Singaporeans located at Sentosa Cove, which is a good getaway away from the bustling city.

With a clear view of yachts and possibly a potential sunset with an unobstructed view, you can expect a comfy meal at MUSEO in an elegant and refined setting. And if you were wondering what is the meaning of "art on the isle", it means you can also art jam (paint) at MUSEO - perfect for parents who want to enjoy their meal while their kids have fun exploring their creative side.

Their menu offers an extensive range of cocktails specially created for the restaurant. They also offer  "dietary cocktails" if you happen to be watching the waistline and most of their cocktails contain fresh fruits in them. If you are a fan of Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery, you'll be glad to know they serve the exact same teas at MUSEO as well.

We skipped the dietary ones and went for the classics. I was recommended the Berries Galore which i found pretty mediocre while the partner went for the Earl Grey Chocolate Tini, which we both didn't really know how to appreciate. However, we were recommended the Thyme and Grapes from the dietary menu, which made up for the exquisite and awkward taste we couldn't quite understand from the Earl Grey Chocolate Tini. The Thyme and Grape has vodka, sake and fresh grape juice in it but there wasn't a hint of alcohol at all (or maybe because we are guys), it tasted just like refreshing fresh grape juice.

Another of my favorite that i will be back for is the Beer Slush at MUSEO. We had the Strawberry Cider which they made into slush. It uses a machine to create beer into beer slush without over-freezing it. And yes they can do this for any beer you order at MUSEO, just that you will probably have to be patient and wait awhile. I recommend the fruit flavors, and promise you that you will look at beer in a different way after your first sip.

The Mezzanine is something you will see on almost every table at MUSEO. The concept of having four different side dishes on a tray is pretty innovative. There's a list of items you can choose from (named after famous paintings), or if you are the indecisive sort, there's also a pre-set one with their popular items for your convenience. The set is good for two to share, or more if you are just hanging out over drinks with a few friends.

We had the Smile of Mona Lisa (Deep Fried Camembert Cheese) which was served with cranberry sauce. It was very rich in flavor and had a very crispy exterior and although i didn't like it better with cranberry sauce, adventurous people who like to mix flavors around might like it.

The Monet's Garden of Lilies (Mango Prawns) however, did not really impress. The dressing was tasty but the chunks of prawns were slightly too small to savor the entire dish properly.

One of the recommended items is the Joys of Life (Roast Pork Belly) that came with hot sauce. The roasted pork belly tasted more like pork knuckle instead of belly and the meat, although moist, came off a tad too tough. The skin of the pork was crispy and it went well with the hot sauce, which tasted and looked like sweet chili.

My favorite of the lot was the Three Musicians (Soft Shell Crab). The crispy and evenly battered soft shell crab was served with a tangy chili tomato sauce which resembled the taste of Singapore's signature chili crab.

I had the Two Way Lamb which left me with mixed feelings. The shepard pie had a layer of cheese on smooth and creamy potato mash and there was a decent amount of lamb chunks in tomato base beneath. However, the lamb rack, although nicely seasoned was overcooked to the extent i had problems cutting through the meat without worrying about whether it would fall off the plate.

A better choice of entree would be the Pan Roasted Cod Fillet. The delicate cod fillet had a generous amount of onion relish on top of it which added a lot of flavors and the fish was tender and fresh with minimal seasoning. The baked scallops were also fresh and not overcooked. Of course, the light risotto with shaved parmesan was also given the thumbs up by the partner.

For dessert, we had the Strawberry Crumble, which i am very certain i would come back for. The red wine stewed strawberries with crumble was served hot (not warm) and paired extremely well with the champagne vanilla gelato. There was a generous amount of strawberries underneath the crumble and i recommend this to share, especially after a heavy meal.

While MUSEO definitely isn't a place that will be "on the way", it is definitely a place one could use to unwind away from the city crowd. And while you won't exactly find the cheapest prices on their menu, the view from the restaurant is already pretty priceless, unless you own a lavish apartment at Sentosa Cove, which will set you back by a few millions. The question is - how far would one travel just for food?

31 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove
Quayside Isle, #01-22
Singapore 098375
+65 6734 8066

This was an invited media tasting.

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