Monday, June 3, 2013

Beats By Dr. Dre : Beats Pill

Because Gwen Stefani, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga all have it, there is perfectly no excuse to why you shouldn't follow the trend. After all, celebrities are the ones that make the statement and we follow, yes?

Introducing the Beats Pill - a portable wireless speaker with built-in patented Beats Audio. The pill measures 19cm across and is by far the most portable (and powerful) speakers i have came across till date. Now, we all know Beats By Dr. Dre from their popular sold-out earphones and headphones which undoubtedly possesses one of the best audio quality around. The Beats Pill however, is a totally different gadget from that.

The wireless speaker not only plays music via Bluetooth, it also has call functions including speakerphone when paired with your smartphone - which also makes things a lot easier for people who are multi-tasking and using the Beats Pill at the same time.

One of the best parts of the Beats Pill that i like (apart from the amazing sound quality despite blasting the volume to its maximum) is that it comes with rechargeable battery which provides up the 7 hours of continuous playing, unlike their headphones that run on alkaline batteries.

Of course, unlike your smartphone which may have the Bluetooth function, your music player may not. Fret not because the Beats Pill also comes with the standard 3.5mm line out for connection - the size that fits most music gadgets. They come in black, red and white (with a matching case with every pill).

Retailing at SGD 310 a pill, this honestly isn't the cheapest medication (pill) in the market. But like they say, "Music's the medicine of the mind", and in this case it's a "rechargeable medication" you can use again and again and again knowing it will not fail on you. Also, point to note that with innovation comes imitation so make sure you are buying the real deal (or pill in this case) that comes with local warranty with every purchase. And trust me when i say that because buying an imitation will probably make Rihanna sound like a Piranha.

This is a sponsored product review. 

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