Thursday, June 13, 2013

Biotherm Homme

There are no ugly people, only lazy people. Which is also why i am always sourcing for the best products (for my face) each time i go shopping. Yes, i am hardworking in the way that i could possibly walk the entire mall just to find something that suits my skin.

What more a shop filled with nothing but only products for men? Theoretically speaking it means i could walk around the shop knowing everything on the shelves is something that would suffice, and not having to painstakingly source for men's facial products.

Biotherm Homme located centrally at town is what i call a haven (for vain people like me). They not only have a full extensive range of products to suit different skin types, they even have a facial bar for men to do an express facial (including eye brow trimming and a neck massage).

My favorite moisturizer at this moment is the Aquapower Ultra Hydratant that boasts the concentration of 5000 liters of thermal spa water. It aims to quench the skin with moisture for hours and is recommend to be used after shaving. It is pleasantly scented and does not leave your skin feeling sticky after application.

As the name suggest, the Total Perfector Skin Optimizing Moisturizer aims to improve roughness and uneven skin tone. The Mediterranean sea algae will improve your skin instantly, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. The scent is mild and results are almost immediate like what it promises.

One of their consistent best-sellers, the Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum refirms and revitalizes your skin. The ultra-fresh serum texture is made suited for sensitive skin and it helps to rebuild damage skin contour over time. Truth be told, this serum is for anti-aging and wrinkle, but prevention is better than cure (which is also the reason why i am starting on it). The smell comes off a bit powdery and unappealing, but i guess for beauty's sake, it is generally quite tolerable.

So now men, there is a reason for celebration. Especially when your girlfriends persuade you to go shopping in town, you know there is a place catered for you. And if her shopping bores you, go for a quick express facial fix. Girlfriends, you know where to get presents for the next occasion.

This is a sponsored product review.


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