Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ninja Mookata

Just like fashion, food trends come and go. With a recent hype about Thai Steamboat, as compared to the traditional Chinese style ones, many places are starting to offer it - barbecue and steamboat, all in one pot.

Located off Tanjong Katong Road at Peranakan Village, the whole nicely renovated place gives off a village feel with the wooden chairs and tables that does not resemble what you think would be a "hawker centre" or coffee shop.

A bit more about Mookata - basically the barbecued portion is on the top and surrounding it is soup. The best part about it is that as your barbecued food on the top cooks, the juices will flow down to the soup portion, which makes the soup taste better as you eat.

The Mookata sets at Ninja Mookata comes in standard or premium, which can feed two or four people easily. The only difference is that premium comes with an additional selection of black pepper meat apart from the standard set. The standard set includes pork collar, liver, belly, chicken thigh, prawns and squid for barbecue, as well as other vegetables and pork/fish balls for the soup portion.

What i enjoyed about Ninja Mookata is that each piece of meat was evenly marinated and tender. The seasoning wasn't overly salty or not tasty enough and the soup base was extremely flavorful, probably due to the meat as well.

Of course, just like any other steamboat places, you can order your favorite stuff again, ala-carte. My favorite was the pork belly and collar, as well as the beef rib-eye fillet.

And of course, what is steamboat without sauces. The highly addictive lemongrass barbecue sauce was the hot favorite among everyone at the table, followed by the suki sauce - both mixed in-house by the owner who went to Thailand to learn about Mookata.

The prices at Ninja Mookata are definitely cheaper as compared to other Mookata restaurants. The quality of course, is also equally good. There is also free ample parking just behind the place, which also means you can eat all night without worrying.

Ninja Mookata
369 Tanjong Katong Road
Peranakan Village
Singapore 437126

This was an invited media tasting.

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