Monday, July 29, 2013

El Marino Blanc

Adding on to the list of my sponsors is a collagen drink - El Marino Blanc. With so many collagen drinks in the market, i wouldn't blame you if you told me you were spoilt for choice. El Marino Blanc is a berry-flavored collagen drink that supposedly promises to give you fairer, firmer, radiant and smoother skin.

Consisting of Ads-Viqua and Collective, two very important components that will effectively break down your skin collagen and elastine structure, the collagen in the drink breaks down in your skin instead of your stomach unlike most collagen drinks in the market. This also allows you to get faster results from drinking the drink.

Of course, the one big question one would want to know is what is inside the drink. Truth be told, i was skeptical about consuming it after knowing there was marine collagen in the drink and that is is made in Malaysia (i was expecting Japan or France). Ironic as it may sound, it made me feel as if i was drinking a cup of dead sea creatures.

Where does the taste from the drink come from then? Pomegranate and Red Orange Fruit. Foremost, pomegranates are known to be high in antioxidants and vitamins. Apart from that, they have also been proven to have many other health benefits. The red orange fruit on the other hand, is high in UVP resistance, which keeps you 30% protected from the harmful UV rays that we encounter daily. Yes, that means sunblock isn't very much necessary anymore since it protects your entire body (not only your face).

And if you are worried about how it taste like, you don't need to. My favorite ratio of this drink is 2 sachets to half a cup of cold water and half a cup of cranberry juice (yes, more antioxidants won't do any harm). You will end up with a fruity drink which you are bound to finish in seconds.

The El Marino Blanc comes in a box of 30 sachets, which will last you about 15 days since the recommended dosage is at least 2 sachets daily. Honestly, the prices are steeper than i would expect and are not as wallet-friendly (if you are intending to take them long term for sustainability), but for all that benefits one could get from drinking it, the price may be just a fraction of the results you will see. This product may have different effects on people so results may vary from one to another.

This is a sponsored product review.

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