Thursday, July 11, 2013


On the top of my list as one of my favorite places now is Grub. In all honesty, i have only visited them once, but once is good enough for me to know that the food at Grub is worth coming back for. Located at Bishan Park, Grub is the newest addition to their food and beverage outlets - a perfect place to hang out after work over beer and food.

We started off with the Truffled Egg Cocotte topped off with crispy parma ham and toasted focaccia. The perfectly cooked eggs had a runny center which went well with the crispy bits of parma ham and hint of truffle oil.

The best thing to go with beer - burgers. Freshly made on the spot when you place an order, Grub has quite a selection on their menu for you to choose from. We tried the Pork Steak Burger which has apples and cashew chimichurri layered on a grilled pork steak. The pork was extremely juicy and the chimichurri sauce was absolutely delish, so much so i finished half the burger to myself. 

Also on the burger list is the Grub Cheeseburger - a classic. Melted cheese over a moist juicy and 100% freshly minced thick beef patty. What else could one ask for? Not forgetting that all their burgers come with piping hot crispy fries on the side. Ultimately, topping the burger list for me was the Crispy Fish Burger. It was simple, yet good enough to make you wanting more. The crumbed Monkfish was extremely fresh and minimally seasoned to bring out the freshness of it. 

We moved on to the mains which further impressed us. The Pan-seared King Salmon on a bed of risotto definitely got the green light. Besides the generous serving of salmon, both the salmon and risotto were cooked perfectly. 

My favorite dish at Grub has to be the Slow Roasted Pork Belly which has been cooked for 24 hours. The pork falls apart once you push your knife right through it and literally melts in your mouth despite having a crispy outer. Served with creamy mash and mango sauce (which i really liked), this in my opinion, is a must-order when you are at Grub. 

If you are a steak person, the Grilled Steak and Fries is bound to do the trick. Using only grass-fed ribeye, the steak was cooked nicely and had a medium center. Topped off with fresh watercress and mustard sauce and served with fries separately, all you will need is a beer. 

Another main which we really liked (truth is, we liked them all) was the Grilled Chicken Leg, which was served stuffed with honeyed feta, roasted peppers wrapped in the boneless chicken leg. Accompanied by the creamy mash, rocket and corn, i liked the fact that the chicken retained its moisture and that the corns gave the mash an extra crunch. 

For desserts, we had the Chocolate Pot which was a very rich dark chocolate pudding served with spicy cashew praline crumble which paired well with the bitterness from the dark chocolate. We also tried the Panna Cotta with mango sauce and basil seeds which was creamy and tangy at the same time and had bits of fresh mango in it. 

Since everything was ridiculously good, we also ended up with the Churros served with dark chocolate and creme anglaise sauce. The handmade churros were highly addictive as they were coated with quite a generous amount of sugar. The Belgium Waffle with grilled banana, salty caramel and dark chocolate sauce on the other hand was fluffy and thick. 

While i was writing this review, i was a little half-hearted if i wanted to post this so quickly. Firstly, the seating capacity at Grub is pretty exclusive. Secondly, the prices are very affordable for the price you would expect to pay for food with such high quality standards. Yes, you may think i am exaggerating, but why would i jeopardize the risk of me having to queue (they don't take reservations) the next time i pop by?

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Bishan Park
Singapore 569983
+65 6459 5743

This was an invited media tasting.

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