Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SuperShiok Sambal

I am no food connoisseur but when something keeps me going back again and again for more, that something has to have a lot of substance.

My current food obsession, the SuperShiok Sambal and SuperShiok Sambal Kicap. Not available on your supermarket shelves (yet) so this may not come as something familiar to you. I am not a big fan of chili so in all honesty, i have been procrastinating about ordering it (hang in there, i will get to how you can order it in a bit).

But once i started on my first spoon of the SuperShiok Sambal, i am never going back for the commercialized brands you get at your supermarkets. Reason being this one is so much better. I would say it is 1000 times better than your normal ones but really, putting a number wouldn't justify how yummy it actually is. Open the lid of a bottle and you will instantly get what i mean.

It is so good you won't need anything fanciful to go with it. My favorite mid-day snack now is crackers dipped with this amazing SuperShiok Sambal. Not exactly healthy because of the fried crackers, but who cares - the SuperShiok Sambal makes it worth the calories.

If you realized by now, i haven't really described the taste of it. Honestly, i would if i could. But the only thing i can say about it to justify how good it is that it has the right amount of spiciness and texture to go along with its delectable taste. My favorite thing to go with it - piping hot deep fried chicken.

Moving on the SuperShiok Sambal Kicap, which has a sweeter taste from the black sauce as compared to the SuperShiok Sambal - perfect over a fried egg. I like my yolks cooked instead of runny hence the egg was sunny-side up. However, despite being a bit sweet, the bits of chili seeds in it gives it an extra kick.

These days i won't have to worry about supper when i am hungry. I'll just fry two eggs to go with the SuperShiok Sambal Kicap and chicken to go with the SuperShiok Sambal - good enough a meal for me to be satisfied. And in case you were wondering, i have already gotten my fridge stocked up with bottles. 

And yes, if you were scrutinizing hard enough, you would have realized the label on the bottles. If you haven't, to order all you have to do is email (yes, that's the magic email). They offer island-wide delivery with an extra charge as well so you won't have to worry about collection. Priced at SGD 5 a bottle, you really can't complain since it is really that good. The only thing i wish for now is that they have "travel sized" bottles so i can bring it around and won't have to pump chili sauce at fast food restaurants anymore. 

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