Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ramen Champion

Ramen Champion is a place where you will be able to find not only one, two or three different kinds of ramen. Yes, Japan's most loved noodle dish with a lot of variety, all at one place. Under one roof, you get to try Japan's best ramen from different places and chefs. And ultimately, the store that sells the most bowls every year cliches the title of Ramen Champion.

The first bowl of ramen we tried was the Ajitama Ramen from Keishoken. The soup was rich in flavor and the noodles were cooked nicely. The eggs on the other hand, seemed to be a tad overcooked but it still complimented the soup well. The only turn off was a single piece of meat being served, which seemed a bit pathetic.

The second bowl was the Nitamago Ramen from Riku. The noodles from this bowl of ramen seemed thicker than your usual. The Nitamago Ramen is available in two different soup bases - shoyu and miso. We had the miso base with a heap load of garlic on top, which gave a soup a different taste when mixed in. There was quite a generous amount of vegetables and pan-friend pork in it. The only downside again was the egg, which i believe was overcooked due to the yolk that didn't seem as runny as i expected it to have been.

Spicy enough to make you sweat, the Takanotsume Ramen from Riku will leave any chili-addict satisfied. With three different variations (mild, spicy, super spicy), this ramen topped with deep fried pork and eggplant is something very different compared to your miso and shoyu based ramen. We found the noodles a tad undercooked, but the deep fried pork, as well as the soup, made up for it. The spiciness was good enough to make the partner and me stop at two spoon-fulls, so i suggest going for mild if you are not that good with spicy food.

With so many ramen stalls all at one place, you are bound to find something you like (you just have to keep trying). But really, who can ever get sick of ramen?

Ramen Champion 
65 Airport Boulevard
Terminal 3 Changi Airport, #B2-58
Singapore 819663

This was an invited media tasting.

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