Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blue Elephant Restaurant Bangkok : Go Pink!

Blue Elephant is a place i always swing by when i am in Bangkok. The reason is simple - they serve one of the best Thai fusion food in the city and service is always excellent each time i am there. Go Pink! is their way of giving back to the society and the exclusive menu will contribute to the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer.

The menu, created by Chef Nooror herself (owner of Blue Elephant) was created using delicious Thai herbs known to boost the immune system against cancer. The "Pink Ribbon" five-course menu will be available for lunch and dinner throughout the month of October.

Wine is not included in the menu but we tried the Blue Elephant Cuvee Royale Thaie 2011. It was smooth, fruity and easy to drink. It also complimented most of the dishes of the Pink Ribbon Menu very well.

The first of the five course menu was a plate of Golden Mung Bean Cake and Tom Yum Consomme. The consomme was spicy and had tender beef cubes in it. The bean cake, accompanied by the tamarind sauce, had a nice texture and was very flavorful from the spices mixed in.

Three different dishes were assembled together for the starters. First was the Scallops Mimosa Salad with Gotu Kola Leaves which features fresh scallops that thankfully were not overcooked. Also, the Free Range Chicken Miang with Herbs which we were recommended to down in one mouth. There was a lot of flavors going on from the betel leaves and homemade caramelized ginger together with the minced chicken. Last and also my favorite of the lot was the Lesser Ginger Crispy Crab Souffle which resembles Thai fish cake, but better.

Probably a dish which you will never get elsewhere, the Rambutan Ivy Gourd Leaves Soup with Soursop Leaves was one of a kind. I was a bit apprehensive because we normally get rambutan in desserts. However, this one got a thumbs up from both me and the partner. The rambutan stuffed with minced free-range chicken and organic prawns were absolutely delicious. And the clear soup of course, was so good i wanted to shamelessly ask for a second serving.

For mains, another three dishes were served. My favorite of the lot was the Snake Head Fish and Caramelized Ginger. The fish was very fresh and crispy on the outside. Also, the tamarind sauce had the right amount of sweetness to it. The other two dishes weren't too bad either, the Stir-Fried Minced Tiger Prawns had a very unique taste to it and the Indian Mulberry Rib Eye Curry accompanied the rice very well.

Accompanying the mains was the Phad Pak Mieng which is a vegetable proven to be high in Vitamin A. Sauteed with Thai garlic and crispy dried shrimps, this dish grew on me as i ate it. The crispy shrimps were extremely addictive.

Put together beautifully was dessert - Mango Pudding Macadamia Nuts and Mango Lime Yawn Ovation Compote. The mango pudding was served with fresh mango sticky rice and vanilla ice cream. I found the compote a little too sour for my liking but the partner downed my share and liked it very much.

I like the fact that restaurants like Blue Elephant are doing their part for charity. And it just gets a lot better because Blue Elephants serves nothing but one of the best Thai fusion food (yes, i think i am repeating this statement for the second time in a post). The menu is only available in the month of October so i suggest making a reservation to ensure you get a table. And in case you were wondering, 70% goes to charity, the rest of which probably makes up the food cost.

Blue Elephant Restaurant Bangkok
233 Sathorn Road
Yannawa, Sathorn
Bangkok 10120
+66 2 673 9353 8

This was an invited media tasting.

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  1. I have been to Bangkok and couple of times and enjoyed my food at various restaurants. Within my both trips I never heard about this Bangkok restaurant. Its name is quite funny and it will definitely help to attract food lovers. As my 8 years old doughtier says, "They are fool. Elephant can't be blue." Please take it as a joke.
    Probably in Dec 2013 I would be there in Bangkok to attend a family function then I will definitely try to be there. All of the images and you description indicates that it is a good, tasty, clean, value for money restaurant.