Monday, September 9, 2013

Paradigm Shift : E3M

Well known for manufacturing loud speakers, Paradigm has dived into the headphones market. The E3M (which is also what i am using right now to listen to my music while typing this post) currently falls on my list as one of the better quality yet affordable earphones available in the market.

Paradigm Shift is a better brand of audio. And of course, with that said, comes a better experience. The sound is intense, giving energy and power to the bass without being too overbearing. The amazingly unique and light earphones also features a tangle resistant cord which is very essential for users like me who like the chuck stuff around.

Each set of E3M earphones also comes with a leather pouch which has a hard casing - perfect for people who like stuffing stuff into your pockets - i am sure the case will keep your earphones safe. Besides that, the packaging seems pretty much straightforward and idiot-proof. Throw it to a kid and they would figure it out easily. 

And just like how good things always comes in pairs, this latter is no different. The earphones come in black, as well as white (white being my favorite). The ear buds also come in different colors (red and white) for each side, as well as a microphone with a single-button control which should be compatible with most devices. 

Each set of earphones also come with three pairs of different sized ear buds to make sure you enjoy the maximum comfort level while using them. The black comes with grey ear buds, and the white comes with translucent ones. 

For SGD180, i am not complaining given the sound quality and affordability of the earphones. And with the festive season soon approaching in a couple of months, i think this could possibly help you strike off your list of presents for your brother, boyfriend or even your husband.

This is a sponsored product review.

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  1. nic i like ur abercombie & fitch t-shirt *swing my red hankerchief on ur face*
    nic i like ur abercombie & fitch t-shirt *swing my red hankerchief on ur face*
    nic i like ur abercombie & fitch t-shirt *swing my red hankerchief on ur face*