Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hada Labo : Gifts for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, again i am getting the most common question from my girl friends around me - what should they buy for their boyfriend (or guy friends) for Christmas, without blowing their budget. And of course, needless to say it has to be something useful (most guys are more practical than girls, after all).

To me, skincare products are one of the most useful presents. There is no surprise for guessing which is one of my favorite skin care brands - Hada Labo. This brand is one that i swear by, with almost half of my daily skin regime consisting of their products. And because guys are getting vainer these days, you might want to consider a few of their products which i personally like that i promise wouldn't blow your budget.

An essential to every guy's daily routine is face wash. The Hada Labo AHA+BHA Oil Control Face Wash gently removes blackheads and dirt to improve dull and rough skin - perfect for someone that has a job scope that requires him to be outdoors. Also, it lathers up to a huge volume with just a minimal usage, which also means a tube will probably last him at least a month or so.

The number one selling product and also my favorite product from Hada Labo is the Hada Labo SHA Acid Hydrating Lotion. Proven to intensely hydrate your skin immediately, this lotion is something i use at least twice a day. Each drop effectively locks-in moisture leaving you with soft, hydrated and smooth skin. The hydrating lotion also comes in the light version which is has a more watery consistency. The Hada Labo SHA Acid Hydrating Light Lotion is best suited for oily and combination skin, or those who prefer a lighter texture.

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, which most guys have, the Hada Labo es Milk is another personal favorite of mine. This mild and fragrance free milk that i use after the Hada Labo SHA Acid Hydrating Lotion has a thicker consistency than the lotion but still leaves your skin pretty smooth and does not have a sticky after feeling.

Lastly, and also the most important part of everyone's skin care regime (in my opinion) is sunblock. The Hada Labo UV Gel with SPF 50+ is estimated to block 98 percent of UVB rays. The gel absorbs extremely quickly into your skin and instantly gives you a hydrated feel. Unlike some sunblocks which may leave your skin dry, the Hada Labo UV Gel leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

The best part of course will be that besides being very affordable, most products are available at drugstores and shopping malls island-wide. This also means last minute shopping won't be a problem - pick them up, get it gift wrapped and you'll have at least one tick off the list of presents you have to buy.

This is a sponsored product review.

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