Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eggs & Berries

Adding on to the list of brunch places in the west is Eggs & Berries. Now west-siders can rejoice that they don't have to travel out of the way just for brunch, or in most cases - eggs benedict. The Westgate branch follows the first outlet at Changi City Point, which they opened a few years ago (east-siders, nothing to be sulking about either).

The only difference with the Westgate Eggs & Berries will be their gourmet burgers, which are exclusively made for this outlet. But of course, the egg infused dishes will ultimately still be the reason why i want to head down to Eggs & Berries. 

We started off with the Truffles and Mushroom Fries which were of right thickness but could have done with a bit more truffle oil to better bring out the aroma and taste. Nevertheless, it was something we enjoyed munching on.

One cannot come to Eggs & Berries without having any eggs. The Italia Eggs Benedict Doppio served with Rosti on the side was something both the partner and me enjoyed very much. The yolks were runny and of the right consistency and the caviar topped on each poached egg gave it the extra oomph. 

Exclusively at the Westgate outlet are the burgers, which i didn't really enjoy as much as the other dishes served. The portion was good, but i felt the patties could have done with better seasoning and the buns could have been a tad softer. 

We were surprised to find pasta on their menu and were more surprised that they executed it way beyond our expectations. The Aglio Olio King River Prawn was a tad spicy but not overwhelmingly spicy and the Cabonara had a creamy, thick and rich sauce which complimented the pasta very well. Both pasta dishes came with a poached egg as well, which i feel should be mixed into it before consumption. 

No prizes for guessing the dessert, which came in a form of an egg. The Homemade Creme Brulee at Eggs & Berries pretty much sums out how much egg is there on the menu. 

If you haven't realized by now, almost every dish on the menu has eggs within. From the poached eggs, fried eggs (on the burger) to eggs (quite literally) in their dessert. Which also means egg lovers will most definitely love Eggs & Berries, and for the health conscious ones - it just means having to check your cholesterol level more regularly.

Eggs & Berries
3 Gateway Drive
Westgate, #02-06
Singapore 608532
+65 6465 9189

This was an invited media tasting.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tim Ho Wan : 2 New Outlets, 6 New Dishes

Considering that this is my third post on them, Tim Ho Wan has definitely made in onto my list of favorite places to dine at. For the fourth year running, Tim Ho Wan has retained its Michelin star. This pretty much assures that quality is very essential in every plate (or basket) of dim sum served.

Opening at two new locations in Singapore, Tim Ho Wan has also decided to create more additions with a local twist to be part of their menu, hoping to cater to our Singaporean taste buds.

A fusion dish with a very distinct Singaporean flavor added is the Yam Dumpling with Chili Crab Meat. To be honest, the flavors didn't go very well together. Despite the fact that there was visible chunks of fresh crab meat in it, we felt that the yam should have be left alone.

Another local twist is the Jade Wanton in Laksa Soup which we enjoyed. The wanton skin could have been a tad thinner but the filling of minced pork and chives definitely got the thumbs up. We also found the laksa soup to be of the correct consistency and taste - not too milky or spicy.

The Crispy Salad Fish Rolls was something we really liked. The innovation of having salad dressing within the crispy rolls were quite ingenious and we found the taste of it very much to our liking.

On the contrary, the Phoenix City Quail Eggs which resembled their classic Pork Dumpling with Shrimps, with an extra slice of quail egg topped on. It did look a bit more fanciful, but i would definitely go for the Pork Dumpling with Shrimps over it.

We also tried the Dace Fish Paste Soup with Lettuce, which is something you don't normally find at dim sum places. The soup was a little bland and the whole dish didn't look as appetizing as it actually sounds.

Lastly, we had a go at the Steamed Chicken with Fish Maw, which we both agreed was the best new dish they are currently offering. The chicken and fish maw is something i can associate dim sum with and the flavors and texture complimented each other.

While the new dishes at Tim Ho Wan aren't exactly better than their normal dim sum dishes they offer, i don't think it will be stopping me from going back. As a whole, their dim sum has always been raved about. And with two new outlets, i can't help buy rejoice over the shorter queues (hopefully).

Tim Ho Wan (Bedok Mall)
311 New Upper Changi Road
Bedok Mall, #B1-51/52
Singapore 467360

Tim Ho Wan (Westgate)
3 Gateway Drive
Westgate, #01-13/14
Singapore 608532

This was an invited media tasting.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rounding Up 2013

Just like that, 2013 has came to an end. Of course, i wouldn't deny that 2013 was any less controversial (since blog archives don't lie), but with bad publicity still comes people and brands who have entrusted my blog to spread awareness.

A huge thank you to one of the best skincare sponsors, Hada Labo, who i have had the privilege working with for the second year running. I especially love their how their products are extremely harmless to your skin and how they are priced so reasonably.

Also, a sudden switch from my previous hair sponsor to Salon B has proven that good things come to people who wait. Extremely grateful for the Salon B team behind my amaze-balls hair color. From blue to purple and back to blue, and me walking into the salon to fix my hair every week. Thank you for all the patience and effort put into making me look good.

The only hotels i will stay in Bangkok - Sofitel So Bangkok and Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok. Thank you for being extremely hospitable hosts and arranging not one, but two trips for me within a year and for the excellent service each time i am there.

And for all the food invites despite me giving very critical and bad reviews quite often. I may have grown a little fatter but i guess most of the food i eat are worth the calories. Extremely stoked to welcome 2014 and to make new year resolutions (which i will think of in a bit).

Happy New Year guys, and here's to a better and more exciting 2014 ahead.