Tuesday, February 4, 2014


An ambitious new franchise brought over to Singapore, Menchie's, to some, may be a haven for frozen yoghurt lovers. The outlet displays a wide variety of flavors - over 12 to choose from, and a shocking array of toppings ranging from fresh cuts, dried crunch, to sweet delectable treats.

Despite so many flavors to pick from, my partner and i still preferred the original tart flavor as it is light and comfortable to taste, unlike some of the flavors that was very acquired. Another flavor to try is green apple, which i thought was refreshing and unique. Most other flavors (no-sugar-added caramel/vanilla, tiramisu) tasted extremely unwelcoming, because the flavors come off too strongly. Unless you are a huge fan, it is a definite no from me. Quite disappointingly, there were more "bad flavors" than nice ones.

In my opinion, Menchie's yoghurt isn't friendly to your wallet, either. Prices are based on weight, and to get a decent photo-worthy and yummy treat for yourself can be pretty expensive. With the majestic display of toppings you might just bust your wallet for it. I would honestly go for a pint of ice-cream with that price.

I feel that this is quite a hit-and-miss as it tasted nothing extraordinary from other frozen yoghurt franchises and what you are really paying for is the wider choices. To end off, the owner of the Singapore franchise was too embarrassed to even weigh her own creation - you get a rough idea how steep the prices can get.

1 Harbourfront Walk
Vivocity, #01-113/114
Singapore 098585
+65 6376 9323

This was an invited media tasting.

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