Friday, March 28, 2014

Momiji Japanese Buffet

When i think of affordable, value for money Japanese buffets in town, Momoji instantly comes to mind.  The Japanese restaurant well known for their buffet with free flow of snow crab legs is a hit among Singaporeans. 

Of course, apart from the snow crab legs, they also offer fresh seafood such as prawns and scallops which we found to be of value for money for the price of the buffet.

The Japanese items offer include an array of sushi for sushi lovers to feast on, as well as hand rolls with generous toppings. Not forgetting the selection of sashimi available which we also thoroughly enjoyed, as well as yakitori and cooked dishes such as baked salmon, which were equally delectable.

For soup lovers, you'll be glad to know the selection of Shabu Shabu can also be compared to the rest. Offering premiums such as Kurobuta Pork, we found each pot to be full of flavor and each piece of meat to be tender (our favorite being the Kurobuta Pork).

And of course there is my favorite part of buffets - desserts. Featuring Japanese classics such as mochi, the dessert spread also offers the norms such as cakes and fondue. The best ending to the meal was however, the free flow of Haagen-Dazs ice cream they offer. And in case you were wondering, there were six flavors the night we went.

Which also brings me to the point to pre-amb you that you should eat light before the buffet. Reason being both the partner and me ate our normal lunch before heading for dinner and we were half done after down-ing a few crab legs and sashimi.

Momiji Japanese Buffet
55 Newton Road
Revenue House, #02-02
Singapore 307987
+65 6262 0880

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Venezia Ristorante Italiano Krabi

Expect to dine against the sunset at Venezia Ristorante Italiano, Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi. With a clear view of the sea and the natural breeze, one should choose to dine outdoors if given an option. Boasting a full-fledged Italian menu, Venezia Ristorante Italiano serves up the staples of Italian food such as pasta and wood-fired pizzas.

With quite a selection of pizzas, we went for the Toscana Pizza which was tomato based and topped with seafood (mussels, prawns and scallops). While we found the pizza a bit too soggy (due to an overwhelming topping of sauce), the fresh seafood and crispy sides naturally made up for it. The scallops however, were a tad too small to even be recognized.

We tried the Petto Di Pollo Ripieno as one of our mains. The panfried chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and ricotta cheese didn't turn out as dry as we expected it to be. Instead, it was extremely juicy within and had a nice brown sear on the outside. Accompanied with mash, we found this to be one of the better dishes they serve.

We were recommended the Rigatoni Arragosta Pasta out of the few pastas they offer on the menu. The lobster pasta with guanciale and fava beans had every ingredient in it complimenting each other, including huge chunks of fresh lobster meat. The only downside was the pasta, which we felt was a tad undercooked.

One of the desserts we had to try was the Italian classic - Tiramisu. Presented differently (stacked on a plate) compared to most places we have had, the finger biscuits were soaked just right and the amount of lightly whipped cream piped in between pretty much made every calorie worth it. We also found the Panna Cotta very refreshing. It had traces of vanilla pods in it and was served with a berry compote at the side.

While we felt that some dishes could have been executed better at Venezia Ristoranate Italiano, we really couldn't fuss much given it is an Italian restaurant in Krabi, Thailand. And even though we didn't get to try (or rather, we could not find) any other Italian restaurants in Krabi, we think Venezia Ristorante Italiano is probably as good as it gets.

Venezia Ristorante Italiano
Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort 
Tambon Nongtalay, Klong Muang 
Krabi, Thailand 81000

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi

There is no place to soak in sunny skies and beautiful, clean beaches than Krabi where there are huge archipelago of islands for you to hop around. Known for the gorgeous beaches, Krabi has long been a favorite destination for beach-lovers worldwide.

One of the more convenient and comfortable access to the beach would be Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi, a resort hotel within steps from the sea. The hotel is within vicinity of boat trip rentals, various massage parlors and local delights. In fact, the road to access these is a straight road down near the pool of the hotel. It is a prime location for people who want a getaway from the bustling cities.

The hotel also boasts a private beach at your perusal. The private beach is definitely not as impressive as those that you can go via the rented boat rides but it is nonetheless still an option for the laid-back people.

The option of dining will bring you to a few restaurants located in the hotel itself, which covers a wide range of Italian, Thai and even Indian cuisine. On some nights, there are even barbecue events located by the pool.

The swimming pool is one of the biggest in South-East Asia as claimed, and it has a poolside bar that is great for chilling with friends or other tourists. It has the infinity pool concept and also goes around the resort, although there is a private section reserved for people in the higher-tiered luxury suites.

A homely feel - the room uses largely wooden furniture and flooring for the outdoor and nature risque. The is a balcony that oversees the pool, beach or forests. Toilets come with a bathtub and toiletries used are either L'Occitane or Lanvin, depending on the type of accommodation you opt for.

Unwind with aroma and florals at Le Spa, which is a must-try when you visit any Sofitel hospitality. The spa at Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi uses renowned French luxe brand L'Occitane for most of their massages. We tried out an aroma massage and immediately fell into deep sleep within minutes.

After which, take a soak in their outdoor jacuzzi which promises to end the whole massage off on the right note. Aromatic bath salt and fresh flower petals (from their back garden) are thrown into the tub to ensure you enjoy your experience to the very best.

If you have kids tagging along on your holiday, you'll be glad to know that one of the services available at Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi will be a "childcare" which has well-trained staffs taking care of your kids while you are at the beach, taking a swim at the pool, at a golf game, or even at Le Spa.

The childcare ensures that your kid will be taken care of so that you'll be at an ease of mind while enjoying your time alone. This includes a playground, activities such as coloring and painting, as well as a sleep room. And of course, supervision at all times.

Besides the basic amenities such as the pool and gym, Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi offers a range of water sports available such as kayaking, windsurfing or even chartered boats to Hong Island, which is about 15 minutes boat ride away from their private beach. There, we snorkeled in the very clear waters and got to swim with corals and fishes.

That being said, Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi is a place that we will be back for again should we plan the next trip to Krabi. If being in the sun, sea and sand is your kind of holiday, then this resort hotel will definitely be something that will not disappoint.

Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort
Tambon Nongtalay, Klong Muang
Krabi, Thailand 81000

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