Thursday, May 29, 2014


On days i am lazy, pizza comes to my mind. I know, some may think fried chicken or burgers from the nearest fast food joint but pizza always seems to be a healthier alternative since it's oven-baked.

With more than 10 kiosks island-wide, Pezzo isn't just about pizza delivery. At their kiosk, one can opt to purchase a single slice of pizza instead of a whole. This way, you won't need to worry about finishing up a whole pizza by yourself when the craving hits.

We like how each slice of pizza at Pezzo is bigger than what you get from other pizza delivery places. Apart from that, Pezzo is extremely generous with their toppings. One of our personal picks will be the Big Daddy, featuring an array of meat such as minced beef, turkey and italian ham. Topped off with four different kind of cheese and a dash of BBQ sauce, this is one pizza that is bound to make meat lovers go crazy.

It was also hard to not fall in love with the Garlic Chick, which had fresh tomatoes, mushroom and spinach with garlic butter chicken. But if all veggies isn't your thing, our advice is to go for the Cheesy Cheese which features five different kind of cheeses - Mozzarella, Cheddar, Edam, Parmesan and Feta.

And of course a pizza party isn't complete with the classic Hola Hawaiian, which consists of a generous amount of turkey ham, sprinkled with fresh juicy chunks of pineapple. Our favourite of the lot of course  (we left the best for last) is the Hot Chick. The Hot Chick contains a special chill sauce which coats each and every piece of chicken on the pizza evenly, topped with green and red chill peppers and a massive load of cheese.

The best part of Pezzo isn't just about the huge slices of pizza and the massive amount of toppings. Pezzo is also certified Halal, which also means you won't have to worry or even think twice before ordering it for parties. And last but not least, we had so much leftovers that we popped them into the oven the next afternoon and they came out just as good, or in fact even better - since they were piping hot!

2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard, #B4-51
Singapore 238801
+65 6665 6565

This was an invited media tasting.

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