Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Joob Juice

It seems being healthy these days isn't just about eating the daily recommended serving of two serving of fruits daily. A much simpler and more efficient way is everything packed in a bottle - convenient, easy and exactly the same as eating a whole fruit, or even better. Joob Juice offers organic cold pressed juices that suits almost everyone. These juices are not only healthy, they also taste quite good and have lots of health benefits.

Joob Juice offers a 1-5 day detox programme designed for your comfort. For a start, you may want to start with a 1-day detox programme to get your body used to the whole 'liquid diet' and to also try out how it feels like. The recommended detox for optimal results is a 3-day detox programme which will be delivered in a 18 bottle cooler bag (perfect if you need to bring your juice out while you are on your errands). Their cold-pressed juices can last up to 3 days in the fridge, therefore if you opt for a 4-day or 5-day programme, your juices will be delivered twice.

The bottles are labelled 1 - 6 (by the order you should drink them throughout the day), one of my personal favourite is the Tangy Paradise (Bottle 2) which has orange, pineapple, cucumber and mint in it - perfect for the humid weather and extremely refreshing and citrusy. If you love your greens, you'll really love Green Machine (Bottle 1 and 3) - packed with spinach, kale, apple, cucumber, celery and lemon.

The Cleansorator (Bottle 4), filled with freshly squeezed lemon, agave and cayenne pepper is a good mid-day drink to perk you up. Back to fruits, the Rejuvenation (Bottle 5) consists of carrots, beetroot, pear, ginger, lemon and chlorella, which is a powerful detoxification tool. Last but not least is the Go Nuts (Bottle 6), a milk drink made from cashew nut, agave and vanilla - something to fill your stomach up so you won't go to sleep feeling hungry.

For those who are still skeptical with all the fruits, nuts and vegetables going into the different bottles, it is best for you to head over to their site to find out more. Joob Juice also offers Juice A La Carte which allows you to order 6 bottles of the same juice (for sharing, or for personal consumption) based on your liking. The detox programme can also be customised to your preference. For more information, you can head over to www.joob.sg. I guess all you need is 6 bottles a day to keep you healthy.

This is a sponsored product review.

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