Thursday, July 10, 2014

Khun Mee Thai

Khun Mee Thai, a new noodle bar and casual dining restaurant is a perfect example of the meaning 'to cook from your heart'. The concept at Khun Mee Thai isn't just about your serving up everyday Thai dishes such as Pineapple Fried Rice, Tom-Yum-Goong or Green Curry. Instead, it focuses on offering authentic Thai-Chinese street food, using ingredients sourced directly from the Land of Smiles, Thailand.

Helmed by Khun Aum, whose love for cooking brought her over to our sunny island, Khun Mee Thai is best known for their noodles, or more specifically Ba Mee. This local dish can be found almost at every corner in Thailand, and features a simple combination of egg noodles with dumplings and roasted pork.

At Khun Mee Thai, your selections for Ba Mee is aplenty. This ranges from Ba Mee Kiao to Ba Mee with Thai Green Curry to even Ba Mee with Tom Yam. We had a go at all three, and each bowl had their noodles cooked al dente. If you like your noodles dry, we highly recommend the Ba Mee Kiao, a dry version of the egg noodles tossed in a light fragrant sauce, topped with tender slices of roast pork. We did however, find the portion of the roast pork a little too scarce. If you like your food spicy, the Ba Mee with Tom Yam served with prawns is all for you.

If you like your carbs heavy like us, you should opt for the Khao Clook Ga-Pi, also known as Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste. The rice was bursting with flavours and textures from all the different ingredients such as sweet pork stew, crispy dried shrimp, green mango, chinese sausage and shallots put together.

Not the healthiest dish, but one of the highlights on the menu is the Kha Moo or Braised Pork Leg. Marinated for 2 hours and braised on slow heat for another 6 hours in their special sauce made in-house, this dish totally hit the right spot. We enjoyed the tenderness of the meat served on a bed of Thai Kai-lan which also soaked up the flavours of the sauce as well.

A popular bar snack in Bangkok, Khor Kai Tod is also served at Khun Mee Thai (and if we may say, goes extremely well with the beer they serve). The fried chicken cartilages are deep fried till golden brown and complimented the sweet chill served at the side. It is an acquired dish, but for us it was so addictive we had trouble stopping at one.

And there is no better way to end an authentic Thai meal than to have Mango with Sticky Rice - a classic Thai dessert. At Khun Mee Thai, the glutinous rice is pandan infused and served warm instead of room temperature. They also offer a durian version to cater our Singaporean tastebuds - a plus point for thoughtfulness.

Right from the first dish to the very last, we knew Khun Mee Thai isn't just another new Thai restaurant trying to fight for a placing in our competitive food and beverage scene. The dishes they offer impressed us both taste and presentation wise. The prices are extremely reasonable, especially since they currently do not have plans to charge GST nor service charge. We cannot wait for them to expand, but as of now, the east-siders can rejoice.

Khun Mee Thai
799 New Upper Changi Road
Bedok Point, #02-32/34
Singapore 467351
+65 6445 9932

This was an invited media tasting. 

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