Friday, August 29, 2014

Momiji Shabu Shabu

One of a kind in Singapore, Momiji is bringing beauty closer to food just so people can't use the excuse of 'eating will get me fat' all the time. First in Singapore to offer the collagen hotpot alongside a buffet spread, Momiji Shabu Shabu is definitely more than any other ordinary steamboat restaurant.

The extremely flavourful soup base is made of collagen pudding, after simmering kampong chicken for six hours. The broth is then solidified into a silky smooth pudding full of collagen, which eventually melts into liquid under the low temperature heat.

Offering over 100 items on the buffet spread, including cooked food like sushi, the spread had so much to offer, apart from the mainstream steamboat items such as sliced meat, seafood and vegetables. Onsen eggs (half boiled eggs), kurobuta pork and minced meat served in bamboos were the few items that definitely caught our attention at the buffet line.

With every two people dining, you will also be offered a choice of wagyu beef or snow crab which isn't included in the buffet line. Although neither really blew us away, we did like how the snow crab added sweetness to the soup base over a long simmer.

Needless to say, our favourite was the unlimited amount of sliced pork and beef, as well as the deep sea red prawns which were naturally sweet on its own. We also liked the station which allows you to concoct your own dipping sauce to pair with the meat.

For more taste, one also has the option to add the Himalayan Pink Salt to further enhance the soup's taste. Honestly, as much as we thought the soup was good on its own, we preferred it with a dash of pink salt. Or maybe it was us just being too pretentious since the salt was pink.

The verdict - two thumbs up for variety, and also quality. We also think that their prices are value for money given the spread offered. Our only grouse was the service was not very efficient and the plates were not cleared promptly.

Momiji Shabu Shabu 
352 Balestier Road
Balestier Shaw Plaza, #04-01
Singapore 329783
+65 6258 3398

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Royal Mail Bar

Beer by the glass for 5 bucks, and champagne for 10 - in town. There is no reason to not pay a visit to The Royal Mail Bar. Centrally located at Raffles Place, the bar offers a range of one-of-a-kind cocktails and British-inspired tapas on their menu.

With a selection of specialty cocktails, one would definitely be spoilt for choice on what to pick. Point to note that during Happy Hour at The Royal Mail Bar (5pm-8pm), the specialty cocktails go for 10 bucks each. While we did enjoy most of them, our pick of the lot were the Lovestruck Ginny (gin, watermelon juice and mint leaves), as well as the Agent 006 (rum, lychee juice, lime juice and mint leaves) which were very refreshing and easy to drink.

From their bar food menu, the Razor Clams and Squid, served topped with a zesty chill and tomato salsa was delightful both in flavour and texture. It complimented the cocktails and paired nicely with specifically the Agent 006.

Bar food also means having a basket of Straight Cut Chips with delectable truffle mayo on the side to go with your drinks. At The Royal Mail Bar, we were greeted by a generous portion of crispy golden chips tossed with paprika, accompanied with truffle mayo. Really, this needs no further introduction.

For something heavier, our recommendation is to pick out pizzas from their menu. We had a go at the Margherita Pizza, served with a spread of fresh juicy tomatoes. We did however, feel that the thin crust could have been a little more crisp and it could have been more charred at the right places.

That being said, The Royal Mail Bar definitely ranks as one of the places to hangout whether or not after a long day of work, or just catching up with friends. They also feature a live band on some days and are open Monday to Friday, 3pm to 11pm. And if cocktails are tapas aren't your thing, head on up a flight of stairs to the restaurant where more gastronomical delights await you.

The Royal Mail Bar
2 Finlayson Green
The Ascott Raffles Place
Singapore 049247
+65 6509 3589

This was an invited media tasting. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Braun CruZer 6

Every guy needs a good shaver to conquer our morning stubble, and the Braun CruZer 6 promises to do just that. Being able to deliver a super smooth shave and extra sharp contours, it seems to be the perfect gadget to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

The palm-sized shaver not only fits in a palm nicely, it also ideally functions dry, as well as wet under the shower even with shaving foam and gel. Using a triple action float system, it delivers an extra smooth shave as the twin foils and integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer while at the same time being extra gentle to your skin. It also comes with a slidable trimmer which allows you to neatly trim sideburns.

The best part of the Braun CruZer 6 has to be its easy to use interface which is basically idiot-proof - it only uses a simple on/off switch to function. The shaver uses a chargeable battery and is extremely portable in terms of size and the shaving cassette is easily detachable for easy cleaning as well as for hygiene purposes.

Priced at SGD119, it definitely places the Braun CruZer 6 as one of the most practical and affordable electric shavers in the market. And this also means this stylish gadget should definitely be on the list of things to buy for your dad, brother or boyfriend on the next special occasion.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Mid Autumn 2014

With Mooncake Festival around the corner, all the different hotels and restaurants are coming out with different exotic flavours to compete with one another. From our classic lotus paste with salted eggs, to our Singaporean favourite such as durian, to exotic ones with liquor infused. Here's three types that in my opinion, are worth your calories - snowskin, traditional baked and a modern take on mooncakes.

Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

Snowskin - Man Fu Yuan's rendition of our Singaporean favourite comes with a twist. Instead of the ordinary durian you can get almost everywhere, their Snowskin 'Mao Shan Wang' Durian Mooncake with Coconut comes with a hint of coconut flavour infused. Other flavours they offer are Snowskin White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts which packs quite a crunch with a generous amount of nuts in it, as well as the Snowskin Green Tea Paste with Dragonball Jasmine which paired extremely well with tea. Man Fu Yuan is located at InterContinental Singapore.

Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin

Traditional - Not exactly the most visually appealing mooncake, Peach Blossom's new flavour this year isn't all about the looks. While it may look nothing like one would expect a mooncake to look like basing on its colour, the Mini Yolk Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds and Gold Dust Mooncake is one we think is worth a shot despite its lack of appeal visually. Each mini mooncake is generously centred with a whole egg yolk and the textures from the melon seeds definitely complimented the smooth black sesame paste which wasn't overly sweet. And of course, we couldn't help but feel that the gold dust contrast did indeed make the mooncakes look a lot more expensive. Peach Blossoms is located at Marina Mandarin.

Le Cafe Confectionary & Pastry

Modern - Forget the traditional lotus fillings and brown pastry, Le Cafe Confectionary & Pastry's take on the traditional mooncake is their Moon Pies. The first and only in Singapore, their Moon Pies come in different flavours such as black sesame, pandan, green tea and yam, apart from the original lotus paste and red bean flavour which one would be able to easily relate back to mooncakes. The pastry of each pie is soft, buttery and crumbly and the fillings weren't overly sweet. Point to note though, prices for the Moon Pies vary depending on which week you purchase them and are often sold out. Our recommendation is to make a call before heading down so you don't end up making a wasted trip. Le Cafe Confectionary & Pastry is located at Middle Road, Cambridge Road and Veerasamy Road. You can check their exact locations at

But of course if you prefer tasting your mooncakes, be sure to head on to various mooncake fairs that should last throughout the month of August at most heartland malls. A popular pick would be Ngee Ann City's atrium, but be prepared to squeeze with the massive crowd - especially during the weekends. Happy Mid Autumn.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saveur : The Hundred-Foot Journey Menu

For foodies who know where to go for affordable yet palatable French food, Saveur should immediately ring a bell. Having been highlighted in the media time and again and best known for their pocket-friendly priced menu, Saveur will be offering an exquisite menu from 1 August 2014 to 14 September 2014 in line with the movie, The Hundred-Foot Journey. The elements of the menu features a fusion of Indian and French influence of flavours to create 3 different dishes, a soup, main and dessert.

For starters, they created a Seafood Bouillabaisse with aplenty of seafood such as sea bass, cod, mussel and clam. The soup is made from lobster and fish but had a very chalky texture which we personally didn't fancy. 

A choice of two mains, one can opt for the Lamb Shoulder braised and marinated in "curry de madras" served with coco bean cassoulet. Honestly, while there wasn't any curry going on in this dish, we did like how the lamb was tender with each bite and how the portion was generous.

For those who do not take lamb, the option to pick Saveur's most popular dish is also available. The Duck Confit with truffles mash (instead of normal mash) was simply divine. The skin was extremely crispy and the flavours of the whole dish complimented the house wine perfectly. 

The best part of the Hundred-Foot Journey Menu was probably dessert. The Tarte Au Citron (or you can also say deconstructed lemon tart) had so much colours and texture going on and was plated appealingly. The vanilla mousse toned down the acidity of the lemon curd and the tuile was thin and crisp. 

The Hundred-Foot Journey Menu is priced at SGD 36.90++. And if all that doesn't appeal, we still think their normal menu is worth every penny. The only downside is that the queue is said to be almost an hour long during peak hour. Bon AppĂ©tit. 

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza, #01-07B
Singapore 228213
+65 6736 1131

This was an invited media tasting.