Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Braun CruZer 6

Every guy needs a good shaver to conquer our morning stubble, and the Braun CruZer 6 promises to do just that. Being able to deliver a super smooth shave and extra sharp contours, it seems to be the perfect gadget to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

The palm-sized shaver not only fits in a palm nicely, it also ideally functions dry, as well as wet under the shower even with shaving foam and gel. Using a triple action float system, it delivers an extra smooth shave as the twin foils and integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer while at the same time being extra gentle to your skin. It also comes with a slidable trimmer which allows you to neatly trim sideburns.

The best part of the Braun CruZer 6 has to be its easy to use interface which is basically idiot-proof - it only uses a simple on/off switch to function. The shaver uses a chargeable battery and is extremely portable in terms of size and the shaving cassette is easily detachable for easy cleaning as well as for hygiene purposes.

Priced at SGD119, it definitely places the Braun CruZer 6 as one of the most practical and affordable electric shavers in the market. And this also means this stylish gadget should definitely be on the list of things to buy for your dad, brother or boyfriend on the next special occasion.

This is a sponsored product review.


  1. HI Nicholas,
    Thanks for this wonderful writeup and giveaway. I would love to win this wonderful gadget to surprise my bf for our upcoming anniversary.This would be the best gift to surprise him as he has been using disposable shavers for too long,the shavers are not lasting,does not give a good shave and he often gets razor burns which can be pretty painful. I hope to win this amazing product to change his outlook about the importance of having a good shaver like Braun CruZer 6!

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway once again!


  2. I hope to win this for my dad because he's still using the old school razer blade which results in lots of nicks and cuts!
    - Alexial, it0909 @hotmail.com

  3. I really wish to win for my hubby as he uses normal manual shaver which took slot of time specially in morning when he has to go office .. This Braun shave really really makes his life easier so he don't need to worry to get up early in morning to shave .. As well this Braun shaver gives him clean and smooth shave

  4. My old Braun shaver gave up on me this year!I truly pine for my shaver as a lover would!The Braun CruZer 6 is my next lover of mine!

  5. hi nicholas,

    would love to win this for my dad who is currently in cancer final stage. as he is too tired to move out of the bed sometimes we help him to shave and this shaver will make things a lot easier for us.


  6. Would like to win this because i've been following your blog for a year now and love your food posts! Please pick me xD


  7. Hi Nich,

    I wish to win this because i my brother is enlisting to national service soon and want to give it to him. Cheryl.

  8. Thank you for having this giveaway!
    I hope to win this for my husband, since his current one keeps giving him problems and malfunctioning. Thank you!

    immorality09 @gmail.com

  9. Hi Nicholas,
    Firstly, thanks for this giveaway! Hope to be able to win this to replace my old shaver!




  11. I want to win Braun Cruzer 6 for my self because it is cool shaver for me .The shaver head is really wide which enables me to get a shave in fewer strokes. The Smart Foil technology allows me to reach hairs that are growing in different directions. There’s also an integrated touch-sensitive system that reacts to the pressure applied by me so my skin ends up smooth and clean.
    It has a trimming function that allows me to cut my facial hair so that they’re as long or as short as i want—and that can be done in just minutes. It comes with a detachable and adjustable trimming comb that offers me 4 different settings, so i can maintain anything from a full beard to a short trim. The design offers a click and lock setting so i can select desired length easily.
    It also has a styling function. The wide side of the shaver can trim larger areas, but i can also use the narrow side to define shapes, edges, and lines. There’s also a tiny precision comb that allows me to deal with really small areas.
    I can use it dry or wet. It is completely sealed, so i can use it while in the shower. This also means it’s easy to clean, as i can just put it under running water.The battery is good for half an hour, and the recharge is quick.

    All in all its very important tool for me!
    Email: lovepreety5@gmail.com

  12. I want to win this for myself because it is easy to use,convenient.Can be take on travelling because of light weight.Cordless and water proof feature i like very much.I trim my hair and shave with its Smart foil technology.

    Thanks Nichology for this awesome giveaway!
    Email: fashiontop3@gmail.com

  13. I want to win Braun Cruzer 6 for my hubby because it is a great gadget.My Hubby like this product very much as it is easy go .It is light weight.It can conveniently do the work as it’s cordless and waterproof.Can be used wet or dry.Love to win this.

    Email: rohani.sharma1234@gmail.com

  14. I want to win this for my hubby because he needs a smooth and clean shave as my kids skin gets scratches and beard burn when he kiss to them.He feels so embarrassed when kids don't like to be kissed by his daddy.This palm sized shaver have many function like wet and dry shaver,triple action float system. I wish this stylish gadget i can win for my sweetheart.

    Email: lata.sunilshardha@gmail.com