Thursday, September 18, 2014

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro is a perfect illustration of where technology meets food. By using tablets to place your orders, the concept of this whole bistro certainly takes on a modern dining experience. Likewise on the food aspect, the bistro offers a one of a kind combination of Western-Korean dishes.

For starters, we highly recommend the Korean Chicken Wings which were battered and crispy on the outside, layered with a in-house special sauce which came off spicy yet tangy at the same time. Another dish which clearly was a hit at the table was the Toppoki, which comes with bits of fried bacon atop, and an onsen egg - their rendition of the classic Korean dish you probably would not find anywhere else.

Moving onto the mains, the Bibimbap was quite a lacklustre as it wasn't served in a hot pot. We found the temperature of the rice not hot enough to our liking, but if you (weirdly) like cold Bibimbap, by all means. The Jap Chae with Beef however, was served hot instead of the usual room temperature and came in a pretty generous portion with tender slices of beef within.

Our favourite part of the meal had to be dessert. The freshly made-to-order Lava Cakes were extremely delicious and blew almost everyone away within the first mouthful. Available in three flavours (Taro, Red Bean and Matcha), our pick of the lot was the Matcha.

The concept of Western-Korean dishes at SYNC pretty much won us over. And with the relatively reasonable prices on the menu (except for their drinks), we actually think this place is worth a visit if you are a fan of Korean food. Our only disappointment was that they only have one branch (located at the west), so traveling all the way down if you do not live around the area might just be a hassle.

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro
3 Gateway Drive
Westgate, #03-01/01A
Singapore 608532
+65 6369 9913

This was an invited media tasting.

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