Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Black Sheep Cafe : New Brunch Menu and More

Hopping onto the bandwagon of cafes serving up brunch, The Black Sheep Cafe at Thomson V has came up with a new brunch menu to offer diners. To differentiate themselves from other cafes, they have designed a simplistic yet delicate brunch to serve up the trend, as well as a comprehensive lunch and dinner menu for the general diners.

When at Black Sheep for brunch, you have to try the Black Sheep's Croque - layers of bacon, ham, duck confit (yes, duck confit), swiss cheese, mushrooms and greens, all sandwiched between a toasted wholemeal bread, baked and served on a hotplate. This croque is nothing short of magnificent - it is generously packed with meat, oozing with hollandaise sauce and cheese, all with a very affordable price compared to other mainstream cafes in town. The duck confit shreds were exceptionally tender, and the bacon with a light crisp, giving the croque a varying texture.

If you are not a brunch kind of person and just fancy a nice meal, The Black Sheep Cafe has some new additions to their menu to offer as well. The Lobster Linguine in Smoked Seafood Emulsion should be a hit amongst the seafood lovers. The pasta was served with a rich and flavourful broth resembling lobster bisque, complimenting the al dante linguine. The lobster meat is springy to the bite, and for the price you pay, it is quite a generous portion anyone can ask for.

The Cheeky Pork on Sautéed Greens and Pear is a must-try for pork lovers. The pork cheeks were fork tender and roasted to golden crisp perfection with crackling crispy skin - so much so that the pork fats melt in your mouth! For beef goers, the Beef Fillet on Creamed Spinach and Truffle Scented Glaze would be an ideal choice. The doneness was done to our liking, and the truffle glaze definitely took the whole dish to another level.

For dessert, we had the Orange Grand Marnier Souffle served alongside vanilla ice-cream. The soufflé was very light with a golden crown and a soft yielding middle - just how it should have been. We also enjoyed the tinge of orange zest that was buried within that wasn't too overpowering.

With the cafe competition so tight in Singapore, it is crucial to be different. For the case of The Black Sheep Cafe, the Black Sheep's Croque is simple, delicious and value for money in all. With more to offer for their lunch and dinner, this (no GST and service charge) cafe is a good place to chill and enjoy a satisfying meal, away from the bustling city.

The Black Sheep Cafe
11 Sin Ming Road
Thomson V, B1-30
Singapore 575629
+65 6459 5373

This was an invited media tasting. 

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