Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Feasting 2014

The season to eat and be merry is here once again. And of course with no exceptions, the list of places to eat at gets longer each year and the decision on where to eat once again becomes the question amongst friends and family. Here's a few places we tried this festive season, alongside recommendations.

Aquamarine, Marina Mandarin Singapore

One for all - At Aquamarine this festive season, one can expect nothing but literally the best of everything. From fresh sashimi slices and sushi at the Japanese counter, to fresh seafood that will bound to leave you spoilt for choice. Featuring many different cuisines, you definitely won't be missing out on Singaporean favourites such as Bak Kut Teh and local favourites like Nasi Lemak as well. Oh yes, the dessert bar also offers countless number of desserts which we were glad we kept stomach space for. 

While the Christmas bells ring, you can savour their slow roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, stews, pasta and lots of other festive treats from the never-ending festive counter. We think this buffet is one you should not be missing out on and we suggest going on an empty stomach. By the way, log cakes included!


Communal dining - A whole turkey, oven roasted crispy pork are just some dishes Medzs will be offering this festive season. The Mediterranean Spice Infused Whole Turkey stuffed with Foie Gras and Chestnut features a perfectly cooked turkey, tender and juicy within with a generous amount of stuffing - exactly how christmas should be like. The Oven Roasted Crispy Pork on the other hand, was served with a biscuit-like skin that crackles on each bite, with well-seasoned meat underneath.

And if you think that is all, they will also offer their normal menu with tons of different cuisines available. As i have always agreed upon, Medzs feels like a one stop place for almost everything, anything.

Miam Miam

Deck the halls - Miam Miam is the place to be at if you want to be all for the festive mood. With a fully decorated restaurant, you can expect snowflakes from the lights, and be all decked for the christmas mood.

Even though they did not come up with a christmas menu this year, we reckon that their rave worthy Miam Miam Spaghetti from their 'made from scratch' menu will bound to leave you filled with contentment. Don't forget to dive in for their dessert - the Valrhona Dark Chocolate is a decadent treat worthy to indulge in this festive season - with dark chocolate overload.

Momiji Japanese Buffet

Oyster overload
 - With 150 different selections under one roof, the buffet at Momiji isn't to be missed this festive season if you are a fan of seafood. Under the seafood section, be amazed by a variety of snow crab, deep sea red prawn, sashimi and oysters. This season, Momiji will offer 7 different types of oysters done in different ways - teppayaki, fresh, grilled, fried and even shabu-shabu.

Leave space for dessert with a DIY waffle machine promises to give you a golden crispy waffle, to be paired with a free flow of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. And of course, because it is the season to be merry, they didn't forget the free flow beer. They also run dinner and brunch on Sunday afternoons.

Sync Korean Tapas Bar

Seoul Christmasy - A long awaited Christmas at Sync Korean Tapas Bar brings you the Halbi Jim - a 48 hour braised short ribs served with mash. The beef, done to perfection was medium in the center, tender and literally melts in your mouth, alongside the smooth mash. The Sweet Potato Croquettes came with oozing cheese filling, stuffed with chorizo and topped with apple salsa - you won't be stopping at one.

Apart from those, their main menu also runs this Christmas, including the highly raved about Kimchi Cheese Fries, which was a perfect combination and balance of spicy and salty. Of course, not forgetting the creamy and minty soju mojito which compliments all their tapas dishes.

Window on the Park, Holiday Inn Orchard 

Christmas at home - Expect lots of local dishes at Window on the Park this Christmas. Featuring the star of the buffet, their famous Laksa will bound to leave you going back for more (it is a buffet, after all). The flavourful yet not too thick gravy infused with prawns, bean curd puffs and thick bee boon is a star not to be missed at the buffet spread.

Apart from it, their Christmas offerings include turkey, lamb and roasted beef sliced upon request. The highlights of the seafood spread include freshly poached prawns served chilled which were extremely fresh and sweet, as well another of their signature, the black pepper crayfish, which we went 'cray-cray' with with. They also serve a rich fruit cake, which recipe comes from acclaimed chef, Tony Bilson.

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