Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Xin Cuisine

Xin Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant set in a contemporary ambience. Located at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, the restaurant is one known for serving up Chinese dishes with a modern twist - this includes to use of truffle and passionfruit - ingredients you don't normally find in Chinese cuisine.

Specially this year, Xin Cuisine has created a one-of-a-kind Yusheng for Chinese New Year - Xin's Gold Leaf Bird's Nest, Sliced Abalone and Passionfruit Yusheng. One can expect a bounty of textures from the generous amount of bird's nest, abalone and salmon, topped with a zesty citrusy passionfruit sauce made in house, scattered with luscious red strawberries. The yusheng is shaped in a goat to welcome the year of the goat.

Moving on, the Chinese New Year Dim Sum Combination consisting of Steam Prawn Dumpling with Truffle and Pan-fried Yam and Pumpkin Cake got our thumbs up immediately. The prawn dumpling contained fresh succulent prawns within and had just the right amount of truffle aroma to not overkill the freshness of the prawns. The yam and pumpkin cake on the other hand, was fluffy and paired well with the XO sauce that accompanying it.

The Xin's Traditional Pencai is one you won't want to be missing out on this Chinese New Year. The amount of ingredients inside include abalone, sea cucumber, scallops, mussels, prawns and roast duck, just to name a few, simmered and slow-cooked in a premium sauce. The whole pot had so much delicious stuff in it to the extent we lost count of the number of ingredients in it.

Our favourite dish on the menu was the Xin's Home-style Roasted Duck, roasted with fragrant tea leaves. The skin of the duck was crackling crispy and the meat was moist and tender. The tea leaves aroma didn't come off overwhelming and the duck was well-seasoned and roasted to perfection.

To end of the meal, we had the Double-boiled Milk Pudding with Bird's Nest. Yes, bird's nest, again. The pudding had a slight hint of ginger so it's a hit or a miss depending on whether you enjoy ginger in your dessert. The generous amount of bird's nest topped on however, was something i don't think anyone should complain about. Overall, it was a nice light dessert to end the meal off.

The dishes at Xin Cuisine definitely made an impression. Unlike places that serve you just authentic Chinese cuisine, we like how Xin Cuisine takes a modern approach to creating dishes that not only cater to the older generation, but also the young.

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
317 Outram Road
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Level 4
Singapore 169075
+65 6731 7173

This was an invited media tasting.

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