Monday, March 16, 2015

Volvo : V40 Cross Country D2

Promising to deliver a balance of elegance and ruggedness, the new Volvo V40 Cross Country D2 is a car that's extremely fuel economical and sporty at the same time, yet retaining the essence of Volvo's key promise - safety. The sporty exterior of the V40 Cross Country includes a 40mm elevation as compared to the V40 R-Design, accompanied by contrasting front and rear bumpers.

On the interior, expect to be greeted by up-to-date technology, including a fully graphic 8" adaptive digital display that displays the most important information. We like how we had the option to choose between three graphic themes - performance, elegance and eco.

Besides the refined infotainment system which allows you to bluetooth connect phone conversations, as well as to stream your music, the V40 Cross Country D2 has a panoramic glass roof which gives the interior a spacious feel, allowing a tinge of natural sunlight to come in when opened in the day.

When it comes to Volvo, safety is never lacking. The car also features a City Safety system that is active at speeds up to 50km/hour. This will cause the car to automatically brake if you fail to react in time when the vehicle in front brakes, or if you are approaching a stationary vehicle too quickly.

We took the V40 Cross Country D2 for a weekend spin and very honestly, it is more than just a good drive - given the specs and how fuel economical it is. The car is sturdy and goes over humps with little turbulence, with an interior which we think it extremely spacious for a hatchback vehicle. Suitable for the most ages, we think Volvo has successfully changed our perception of matured looking sedans and huge SUVs with this sleek looking V40 Cross Country D2. Now i guess it's just a waiting game for the COE to drop.

This is an invited media test-drive review. 

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