Friday, April 24, 2015


RamenPlay, as its name suggest, it best known for serving up authentic Japanese ramen. With 7 outlets island-wide, they have since made new additions to their menu, which introduces the delectable and pocket-friendly priced shabu shabu, available at 4 of their outlets - BreadTalk IHQ, Nex, Jem and Velocity.

Each Shabu Shabu pot is an individual serving and one gets a choice of either clear or kimchi soup. If you like a tinge of spiciness, opt for the kimchi, otherwise pick the lightly flavoured clear soup. For the choice of meat, you can pick either the pork collar or striploin beef, sliced to the right thickness. Additional portions of meat can also be ordered, so if you like both pork and beef, you don't need to worry.

With an assortment of vegetables including mushrooms and tofu, we found the set to be worth every bit. It also comes with a raw egg on the side which you can use as a dipping condiment, or throw it into the soup for a thicker broth. Perfect for a rainy day, this dish definitely gets a thumbs up for its taste and price.

Also on the menu is the Butariki Ishinabe, which will probably remind you of a Korean Bibimbap. Boasting the use of Niigata rice, the dish is topped with a raw egg with sliced pork and onions in a hot stone bowl. A bit like clay pot rice, expect charred bits at the bottom (which i enjoyed very much).

And if all that does not work for your palate, don't worry because you still have ramen to fall back on. The Toroniku Uobushi Tonkotsu Ramen, also known as the Pork Cheek Double Soup Ramen has a broth that isn't as heavy as most Tonkotsu and the pork cheek slices were delightfully yummy with bite.

With prices so reasonable, RamenPlay is definitely the place to be at, especially if you are fickle with your food decisions. With a new menu featuring shabu shabu, ramen and donburi, the 'everything under the roof concept' makes RamenPlay the place to go for a hearty delicious Japanese fix.

30 Tai Seng Street
BreadTalk IHQ, #01-03
Singapore 534013
+65 6444 5516

This was an invited media tasting.

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