Monday, May 4, 2015

Aquamarine : Mother's Day

They say mothers are gift from God, and therefore they deserve nothing but the best - that is something you can be assured of this Mother's Day at Aquamarine. Known for their sumptous spread of buffet line-up at Marina Mandarin, Aquamarine is taking extravagant one notch up this year for the special weekend with extra dishes on the buffet line including Lobster Popiah, Baked Jumbo Prawn with Sambal and Herbal Braised Duck.

Made a-la-minute by a chef on site, the Lobster Popiah is definitely the highlight of the Mother's Day spread. Seared juicy lobster de-shelled and rolled together with savoury turnip and fresh greens - simply divine.

Known for their spread of fresh seafood, one can also expect to feast on chilled prawns and scallops from the seafood section. The buffet line is almost never-ending, from cooked European food such as roast and pasta, to Japanese cuisine and local cuisine.

From the Japanese counter, prepare to feast on sushi made on site, as well as freshly sliced sashimi. We definitely like how there was an assortment of sushi and sashimi to choose from. The Japanese counter is one you should visit at least twice while dining at Aquamarine.

From the spread of local cuisine, be sure to head straight for the Chicken Rice, which was one of the favorites. A choice of roast or steamed chicken, the meat of the chicken was extremely tender and juicy and the fluffy aromatic rice accompanying it was simply delectable to the extent one serving just wasn't enough.

Of course like all buffets, the rule is to always save space for dessert. The dessert spread includes quite a handful of cakes and of course their famous Durian Pengat, which i shamelessly always go for multiple servings each time i am at Aquamarine. If you are a durian lover, remember to save a lot, a lot of space for many rounds of the Singaporean favorite.

The Mother's Day buffet spread runs from 9 - 10 May 2015 (Lunch) and 8 - 10 May 2015 (Dinner). We hear the tables are filling up, so it's best to make a reservation before heading down. And because it's a buffet, we can't help but emphasise - Sashimi, Lobster Popiah, Chicken Rice, Durian Pengat, and we'll have that on repeat please.

6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Mandarin Singapore
Singapore 039594
+65 6845 1111

This was an invited media tasting.

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