Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dilmah : Tea Inspired Me

I can't go a day without caffeine. That pretty much explains the excessive stash of coffee and tea i have at home. Of course between the two, i mostly go for tea because it is a lot simpler - just need to add hot water. Dilmah (which many of you should know) is the world's most experienced tea maker. With a selection of tea ranging from speciality gourmet, premium, organic and even fun flavoured teas, it comes as no surprise that they are one of the best.

Personally, i enjoy the Ceylon Supreme tea - a traditional unblended tea hand-picked and artisan-ally made in Sri Lanka. It has a strong and intense flavour and has great aroma. If you are into fun and modern tea, their fun flavoured tea range has flavours such as Lemon and Lime which comes of a little citrusy. For a fruity take, the Mango and Strawberry chills nicely in the fridge and is a refreshing thirst quencher on a hot day.

This July, Dilmah will be sending one very special person for an all-expenses paid trip to Sri Lanka, the magical place where their teas originates from. The contest, Tea Inspired Me, is an online competition that allows you to share your tea-inspired moments. To take part, simply upload a photo, video, audio or even a text that centers on either of these five themes - Tea and friendship, Tea and memory, Tea me and grandma, Tea kids or Tea and ethics. The photo doesn't necessarily need to have tea in it, so let your creative juices flow. Submissions must be made at

The winner will be determined by Dilmah and a winner from each participating country (in our case, Singapore) will win a weekend package for two at an exclusive 5-star hotel and exclusive Dilmah gift packs. Deadline for submissions is 20 June 2015, leaving you 10 days to submit your #teainspired moment, which shouldn't be a huge problem if you drink tea everyday (like me).

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