Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chao Hostel Bangkok

By now, everyone should know i love Bangkok. It's a city that's beautiful in its own way and it never fails to amaze me each time i visit. Accommodation is essentially important in Bangkok because it will also mean less traveling time and convenience.

The last time i was in Bangkok, i stayed at Siam@Siam. This time, i was glad to be able to try out the rooms at Chao Hostel, which is in the same building as Siam@Siam, but offers rooms at more affordable rates, with a more social friendly concept, just like a dorm.

Chao Hostel offers rooms that are twin bedded (trust me, you'll love the double deck if you are holidaying with a friend), to double bedded ones for couples. If you are on a budget, or have 5 other friends of the same gender who are joining you, the dorm styled rooms will definitely fit what you are looking for.

The concept for the hotel features quality and comfort, with a minimalistic wooden design that runs throughout the hotel - from the friendly reception to the dining area, as well as the rooms. The dining area also features a load of snacks and drinks which are free for all guests to consume throughout the day.

Besides those, Chao Hostel has a laundry room to cater to your laundry needs. The common room, which is an area to relax, features a huge television with cosy beanbags, as well as computers equipped with internet for your working and communication needs. The balcony, also known as a smoking area, is in my opinion, a perfect place with natural sunlight for a fashionable Instagram-worthy shot.

The rooms are Chao Hostel are kept simple and the rates are kept low, yet security is not compromised. Each night, the doors are locked once the receptionists at the front desk go off duty, hence each room key comes with an access pass for you to use during those hours.

Chao Hostel's rates won't burn a hole in your pocket if you are on a trip with a tight budget. In fact, we think that for the location and the quality you get from the rooms and service, the pricing is extremely value for money. This also means i should start planning for my next trip at the end of the year!

Chao Hostel Bangkok
Siam@Siam Building, 8th Floor
865 Rama 1 Road
Wang Mai, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330
+ 66 02 217 3083

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