Monday, October 17, 2016

Sand Bar

Think barbecue, think loads of drinks and think beach. Sand Bar at Siloso Beach is exactly what you would describe a perfect Saturday evening chilling over drinks and freshly grilled seafood. Their Weekend BBQ that serves a never-ending flow of selected fresh seafood such as slipper lobsters, palm-sized tiger prawns and steak overlooking the sunset is the way to go if you are unwinding over the weekend.

The food spread ranges from a full on salad bar with grilled vegetables to freshly grilled seafood and of course, dessert. I have to admit that the spread and variety isn't the widest, but the ingredients include quality cuts of parma ham, alongside the fresh and succulent seafood, pretty much made up for it.

The ambience of wooden benches and sand beneath your feet also means there's no time for fancy clothing - just put on your tank-tops and flip flops are you are all set for the night. There's no dress code, and i don't think they will mind if you wear less, either - it's situated directly on the beach, after all.

Live music also plays throughout the night, with the bar closing only at 12 midnight (barbecue runs till 10pm). Away from the city and the crowd, with the beach vibes going on, i reckon chilling over a beer or two with all that seafood sounds like a perfect plan for any weekend.

Sand Bar
52 Siloso Beach Walk
Singapore 099012

This was an invited media tasting.

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