Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Daring to be different with Olympus

Change is constant. And with technology, that is always the case. I've been in so in love with my OM-D E-M10 for the past year and it has travelled to many countries and went through countless number of food tastings with me, always promising to deliver shots that i never will never doubt.

After a year, I've finally decided to upgrade it an E-M5 Mark II. The truth is (and I have always repeated this on Instagram), I absolutely love Olympus - their cameras are always has such user-friendly interfaces and their lenses are affordable, giving you endless options and possibilities with every shot!

I wasn't exactly sure model of camera was going to be my next, but was instantly sold when I found out that I could customise my very own E-M5 Mark II to my preference on the Olympus website! The customisation process allows you to choose your preferred colour of the camera body, lens of your choice with your preferred matching colour, as well as a leather neck strap!

I went for a silver with black body paired with a 12mm lens, as I felt it was a good change from my all-black E-M10. Having been invited to countless food tastings over the years, here's some camera tips when it comes to choosing the right lenses for your camera. The prime lens allows me to shoot with a wider angle and it not at all heavy, unlike zoom lens. It also captures a good depth of field and is perfect for taking flat lays, or even when the best friend needs an OOTD photographer - pretty versatile I'll say!

Here's a shot I took at a recent food tasting session. 

One of my favourite part of the customisation process is choosing the accessory of my choice. Going for the safer option, I picked the Classic Brown Neck Strap. There was also an option to pick a brown wrist strap but I'm used to hanging my camera around my neck, just because it makes me feel more - secured.

Having toyed around with the E-M5 Mark II for a week now, I cannot emphasise more that the upgrade was the right choice. Apart from the enhanced technical features such as the 5 Axis IS, it also has a LCD screen that can tilt 360 degrees - perfect when taking flat lay shots! The camera features a more substantial grip when you are taking a photo, and has a bigger body, although not adding much to the weight. Can't wait to start my journey with the E-M5 Mark II, and because it's also weather-sealed, it just means it will be with me anywhere, everywhere!

For more information on the Olympus E-M5 Mark II,  do visit www.shopatolympus.com.sg!

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