Friday, September 29, 2017

Capilano Beeotic Honey : The World’s First Prebiotic Honey

Capilano, an Australian-based honey brand, is setting itself apart from other honey brands, with its recently launched Beeotic, the world’s first pure prebiotic honey.

Beeotic tastes like any other honey I have had. Besides my usual consumption of honey as a natural remedy for many illnesses, Beeotic is rich in prebiotic, which helps the good bacteria in the gut to grow. This greatly improves the good-to-bad bacteria ratio and aid digestive health.

A 100% pure Australian honey – the process is a natural phenomenon where bees add special enzymes that create prebiotic sugars during the conversion of nectar into honey. It is clinically tested, pure, and nature’s best!

Beeotic is available at all leading supermarkets in Singapore in 2 sizes – $16.80 for 340g, and $22.00 for 500g.

This was a media drop from Capilano.

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