Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Resorts World Genting

Now, while I can't exactly remember the last time I've been to Genting, it seems like it has changed quite a fair bit during the recent visit - a new theme park, brand new hotels and a lot more attractions and entertainment most definitely.

For a start, the new Theme Park Hotel comes with great fuss-free rooms perfect for families and friends who just want a quick and short getaway.

Think fun themed rooms with a balcony for some that gives you ample chill breeze around the clock. The rooms are perfect for kiddos as well with color themes and cute stickers all around such as the light bulb to indicate the light switch and of course with most stuff that are non-breakable, making this hotel extremely family friendly.

Breakfast is also fuss-free because you can pick & go at the lobby with an assortment of pastries, bread and Asian selection such as Nasi Lemak to your liking. It is also a stone throw away from the mall so you don't have to walk very much.

For speciality meals, do check out Wanhoi Yamch'a Genting for some delectable and cute looking dim sum dishes. We were spoilt for choice with all the hand-crafted dim sum that came served in all shapes and sizes, some even as cartoon characters. They boast a great assortment of Chinese dishes as well and is a great place to have family dinners.

For something more Italian, Motorino will definitely do the trick. Think pasta, hand-stretched pizza made a la minute and a whole lot more.

If you are feeling a little more local, head on over to Malaysia Food Street at Skyavenue for some authentic local dishes. The Bak Kut Teh is a must-try and the chicken rice is pretty authentic in taste as well!

If you want to opt for something more lavish but want to skip the queue at the overrated Burger & Lobster, jump straight to High Line Rooftop Market and order yourself a Claypot Lobster Noodle that's super robust and bursting with flavours, cooked generously with a whole lobster that's as fresh as it gets in Genting!

Take on a soft serve and check out their new indoor theme park with aplenty of rides for the adults and kids to pick from! Their recently revamped indoor theme park allows you unlimited rides daily with different package options for single riders and families! Do also check out The Void when you are there and if you are a big fan of VR!

For something with less thrill, the Jurassic Research Centre is a great choice, if not the Ripley's Adventure Land! On the same level as those, you'll also find Zombie Outbreak, which is a zombie haunted house - something not for the faint hearted, in my honest opinion. And if all fails, don't worry - check yourself into a Gold Class movie and experience 4D!

When the sun sets, head on over to the casino or to Red Tail by Zouk for some beer pong! They also have a karaoke option if you would prefer to just sing and chill the night away. Or if you want to fault some dance moves, Zouk is always open for you.

With such great offers at Genting, it is no surprise that it ranks one of the most popular weekend getaways from Singaporeans. If you ask me, even a 2-night stay wouldn't be enough to cover everything. On a brighter side, let's just be pretty glad it's not very far off from where we are.

Resorts World Genting
Genting Highlands
69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

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